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Show flycheck errors via posframe.el
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This is to allow to solve issues like #12 in a generic way
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License GPL 3 MELPA Build Status

Display flycheck error messages via posframe.

flycheck-posframe screenshot



The preferred way to install flycheck-posframe is via MELPA - then you can just M-x package-install RET flycheck-posframe RET

To enable then simply add the following to your init file:

(with-eval-after-load 'flycheck
  (require 'flycheck-posframe)
  (add-hook 'flycheck-mode-hook #'flycheck-posframe-mode))

We recommend to use use-package to make this automatic:

(use-package flycheck-posframe
  :ensure t
  :after flycheck
  :config (add-hook 'flycheck-mode-hook #'flycheck-posframe-mode))


If you would like to install the package manually, download or clone it and place within Emacs' load-path, then you can require it in your init file like this:

(require 'flycheck-posframe)
(add-hook 'flycheck-mode-hook #'flycheck-posframe-mode)

NOTE: This will also require the manual installation of flycheck if you have not done so already.


Default Pretty Configuration

Calling (flycheck-posframe-configure-pretty-defaults) will configure flycheck-posframe to show warnings and errors with nicer faces (inheriting from warning and error respectively), and set the prefix for each to nicer unicode characters.

Manual Configuration

There are a few settings which can be configured to customise the display of error messages. These include the faces which are used to show the error messages flycheck-posframe-info-face, flycheck-posframe-warning-face and flycheck-posframe-error-face and a string which is used as the prefix for each message flycheck-posframe-info-prefix``flycheck-posframe-warning-prefix and flycheck-posframe-error-prefix.


By default each of flycheck-posframe-LEVEL-face inherits from the default face so should appear like the rest of the text in the buffer. If however you want to ensure error messages stand-out you could configure them to inherit from the error face:

(set-face-attribute 'flycheck-posframe-error-face nil :inherit 'error)


By default flycheck-posframe-LEVEL-prefix is set to "➤ ". If however you wanted to show each warning message prefixed with the unicode WARNING SIGN symbol (U+26A0) "⚠ " you could configure it as follows:

(setq flycheck-posframe-warning-prefix "\u26a0 ")


Copyright © 2018 Alex Murray

Distributed under GNU GPL, version 3.

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