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ooc IDE written in ooc

Here are some ideas on which I will start working:


  • Support for ooc packaging through reincarnate GUI
  • Automatic completion (source parsed, not realtime, after the user finishes his editing, only edited region should be parsed) triggered through a special key combination
  • Project files saving information about rock options used to compile (with a nice GUI explaining them and editing them), project files, etc.
  • Configuration saves OOC_LIBS environmental variable etc.
  • Custom themes/colors
  • Optional embedded command line and hotkeys to switch between editing and writing commands to the command line
  • The command line should also be able to be filtered to show only stdout/stderr/other... and unmangle ooc symbols from exception stack traces
  • Integrated search/replace; no popup window (popups are annoying)
  • Of course hotkeys to build or build/run
  • Jump to class/function/method/operator definition in specific files or even the whole project
  • Multiple tabs (duh) and easy way to switch between them (Ctrl+Tab ?) as well as to open new ones and close them
  • Basic text editing capabilities/shortcuts
  • Expand/collapse class/function/operator declarations
  • Optional bracket/parenthesis/[(char1 -> char2) <- configurable] completion
  • Keep track of TODOs/FIXMEs
  • Make a project easily by scanning a folder
  • Scan project files to find libraries use-d and then check for their existance on libpath and reincarnate repo, notify user to download them from there if they exist


  • Git(hub) easy repository management / versioning support
  • Plugins (? using the modular oc model)
  • Custom hotkey layouts
  • Browse open-source projects hosted on github
  • Debugging with gdb (gdb-ooc ?) through a simple UI
  • "Special" literals which translate to ooc code (fully configurable). For example, JSON literals that with some trigger (key combination / whatever) generate calls to the JSON generator approprietly.