AngularJS Wrapper for Couchbase Lite RESTful Endpoints
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This is an AngularJS wrapper to be used with the Couchbase Lite RESTful APIs. It makes it so you don't have to do all the requests manually, but instead can call simple commands.


Include the repositories dist/ng-couchbase-lite.min.js file into your mobile hybrid application's project directory. With the file in place, include the script in your HTML file, typically index.html. Finally inject the library into your AngularJS angular.module in a similar fashion to the following:

angular.module("modulename", ["ngCouchbaseLite"])


To use, inject $couchbase into your controller dependencies and call the constructor method:

var database = new $couchbase(databaseUrl, databaseName);

Note that the databaseUrl is the URL that is returned when using the cblite.getURL method that ships with the Apache Cordova Couchbase plugin.

Available Commands

promise database.getDatabase();
promise database.createDatabase();
promise database.createDesignDocument(string designDocumentName, object designDocumentViews);
promise database.createDocument(object json);
promise database.getDesignDocument(string designDocumentName);
promise database.queryView(string designDocumentName, string viewName);
promise database.deleteDocument(string documentId, string documentRevision);
promise database.getAllDocuments();
promise database.getDocument();
promise database.replicate(string source, string target, boolean continuous);
void    database.listen();

Need Help?

Visit the Couchbase Forums and open a ticket under the mobile section.


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