Application skeleton for Pug + ES6 + Bower + Express + Node + Gulp + Angular + Sass
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Pebengas - Skeleton

Application skeleton for Pug + ES6 + Bower + Express + Node + Gulp + AngularJS + Sass.

Quick Start

You'll need the following softwares installed on your computer:

Usually Npm is installed with Node.

Make sure that all dependencies are added to PATH

  1. Clone the repository:
$ git clone
$ cd pebengas
  1. Install dependencies:
# Run installer
$ npm install

The installer will set your environment with global gulp-cli and bower packages; in addition, it will run bower install afterwards.

  1. Start application:
$ npm start

It will open a window automatically. To avoid open the window, run $ gulp

The application will be available at localhost:3000.

License & copyright

Pebengas is Copyright © 2015 Alexandre Azevedo and licensed under the Apache License 2.0. All rights not explicitly granted in the Apache License 2.0 are reserved. See the included LICENSE file for more details.