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Regenerated gemspec for version 2.0.5


2.1.2 - 2010-12-01
* Remove contention between multiple workers by performing an update to lock a job before fetching it
* Job payloads may implement #max_attempts to control how many times it should be retried
* Fix for loading ActionMailer extension
* Added 'delayed_job_server_role' Capistrano variable to allow delayed_job to run on its own worker server
    set :delayed_job_server_role, :worker
* Fix `rake jobs:work` so it outputs to the console


2.1.1 - 2010-11-14
* Fix issue with worker name not getting properly set when locking a job
* Fixes for YAML serialization


2.1 - 2010-11-14
* Added enqueue, before, after, success, error, and failure. See the README
* Remove Merb support
* Remove all non Active Record backends into separate gems. See
* remove rails 2 support. delayed_job 2.1 will only support Rails 3
* New pure-YAML serialization
* Added Rails 3 railtie and generator
* Changed @@sleep_delay to self.class.sleep_delay to be consistent with other class variable usage
* Added --sleep-delay command line option


2.0.4 - 2010-11-14
* Fix issue where dirty tracking prevented job from being properly unlocked
* Add delayed_job_args variable for Capistrano recipe to allow configuration of started workers (e.g. "-n 2 --max-priority 10")
* Added options to handle_asynchronously
* Added Delayed::Worker.default_priority
* Allow private methods to be delayed
* Fixes for Ruby 1.9
* Added -m command line option to start a monitor process
* normalize logging in worker
* Deprecate #send_later and #send_at in favor of new #delay method
* Added @#delay@ to Object that allows you to delay any method and pass options:
    options = {:priority => 19, :run_at => 5.minutes.from_now}
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