Web Resource Optimizer integration for Tapestry 5.3
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Tapestry WRO4J

Adds support for various Web Resource Optimizer components to Tapestry 5.3

Included are various choices of JavaScript and CSS minifiers, and Less/Sass/Coffeescript transformers.


The transformers automatically associate with their file extensions, simply create one (a .coffee file for example), and include it on a page just as you would a js file:


The transformers can also be associated with .js and .css files. if you link foo.css and a foo.less file exists, then the foo.less file is transformed and sent as foo.css to the browser. Unfortunately an actual empty foo.css is needed to satisfy Tapestry's asset-existance checking. You can enable this association in the AppModule like this:

public static void contributeStreamableResourceSource(MappedConfiguration<String, ResourceTransformer> configuration)
    configuration.addInstace("css", LessCssTransformer.class);

By default, Google Closure Compiler is used for JS minimization, and YUI is used for CSS. Other choices for JS include UglifyJSMinimizer and YuiJSMinimizer. You can use one instead with this in your AppModule:

public static void contributeMinimizers(MappedConfiguration<String, ResourceMinimizer> configuration)
  configuration.overrideInstace("text/javascript", UglifyJSMinimizer.class);

By default Tapestry only enables minification when the tapestry.production-mode flag is set. You can enable it manually in your AppModule like so:

public static void contributeApplicationDefaults(MappedConfiguration<String, String> configuration)
  configuration.add(SymbolConstants.MINIFICATION_ENABLED, "true");

UglifyJSMinimizer does not work with Prototype at the moment, anything that uses Class.extend fails (which includes anything that uses Ajax.request).


WRO4JModule needs to be included manually with @SubModule. Minifiers need to be added manually using contributeMinimizers. .js/.css file extensions can't be used with the transformers.