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;;; ecb-navigate.el --- Browser-navigation for ECB
;; Copyright (C) 2000 - 2005 Jesper Nordenberg,
;; Klaus Berndl,
;; Kevin A. Burton,
;; Free Software Foundation, Inc.
;; Author: Jesper Nordenberg <>
;; Klaus Berndl <>
;; Maintainer: Klaus Berndl <>
;; Keywords: browser, code, programming, tools
;; Created: 2001
;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
;; the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software
;; Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option) any later version.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
;; ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS
;; FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more
;; details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with
;; GNU Emacs; see the file COPYING. If not, write to the Free Software
;; Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.
;; $Id$
;;; Commentary:
;;; History
;; For the ChangeLog of this file see the CVS-repository. For a complete
;; history of the ECB-package see the file NEWS.
;;; Code:
(require 'silentcomp))
(require 'ecb-cedet-wrapper)
(require 'ecb-util)
(defclass ecb-dlist-node ()
((previous :initform nil); :protection :private)
(next :initform nil); :protection :private)
(data :initarg :data :initform nil); :protection :private)
"A node in a double linked list."
(defun ecb-dlist-node-new (data)
(ecb-dlist-node "node" :data data))
(defmethod ecb-get-data ((node ecb-dlist-node))
(oref node data))
(defmethod ecb-get-next ((node ecb-dlist-node))
(oref node next))
(defmethod ecb-get-previous ((node ecb-dlist-node))
(oref node previous))
(defmethod ecb-set-data ((node ecb-dlist-node) data)
(oset node data data))
(defmethod ecb-set-next ((node ecb-dlist-node) next)
(let ((old-next (ecb-get-next node)))
(when old-next
(oset old-next previous nil))
(oset node next next)
(when next
(ecb-set-previous next nil)
(oset next previous node))))
(defmethod ecb-set-previous ((node ecb-dlist-node) previous)
(let ((old-previous (ecb-get-previous node)))
(when old-previous
(oset old-previous next nil))
(oset node previous previous)
(when previous
(ecb-set-next previous nil)
(oset previous next node))))
(defclass ecb-nav-history-item ()
((pos :initarg :pos :initform 0); :protection :private)
(window-start :initarg :window-start :initform 0); :protection :private)
(defmethod ecb-nav-set-pos ((item ecb-nav-history-item) pos)
(oset item pos pos))
(defmethod ecb-nav-set-window-start ((item ecb-nav-history-item) point)
(oset item window-start point))
(defmethod ecb-nav-get-pos ((item ecb-nav-history-item))
(oref item pos))
(defmethod ecb-nav-get-window-start ((item ecb-nav-history-item))
(oref item window-start))
(defmethod ecb-nav-to-string ((item ecb-nav-history-item))
(concat (int-to-string (ecb-nav-get-pos item)) ":"
(int-to-string (ecb-nav-get-window-start item))))
;; This method must return nil if saving can not be performed and otherwise
;; not nil!
(defmethod ecb-nav-save ((item ecb-nav-history-item))
(defmethod ecb-nav-is-valid ((item ecb-nav-history-item))
;; Klaus Berndl <>: Changed this class from storing the
;; whole tag to storing explicitly the tag-buffer, the marker of the
;; tag-start, the marker of the tag-end. This prevents the stored
;; navigation-items from getting invalid and unusable after a full
;; semantic-reparse because such a reparse makes the overlays contained in the
;; stored tags invalid so we can not uses their informations.
(defclass ecb-nav-tag-history-item (ecb-nav-history-item)
((tag-buffer :initarg :tag-buffer :initform nil); :protection :private)
(tag-start :initarg :tag-start :initform nil) ; :protection :private)
(tag-end :initarg :tag-end :initform nil) ; :protection :private)
(tag-name :initarg :tag-name :initform nil) ; :protection :private)
(narrow :initarg :narrow :initform nil); :protection :private)
(defun ecb-nav-tag-history-item-new (tag-name tag-buffer tag-start
tag-end &optional narrow)
(ecb-nav-tag-history-item tag-name
:tag-buffer tag-buffer
:tag-start tag-start
:tag-end tag-end
:tag-name tag-name
:narrow narrow))
(defmethod ecb-nav-get-tag-buffer ((item ecb-nav-tag-history-item))
(oref item tag-buffer))
(defmethod ecb-nav-get-tag-start ((item ecb-nav-tag-history-item))
(oref item tag-start))
(defmethod ecb-nav-get-tag-end ((item ecb-nav-tag-history-item))
(oref item tag-end))
(defmethod ecb-nav-get-tag-name ((item ecb-nav-tag-history-item))
(oref item tag-name))
(defmethod ecb-nav-get-narrow ((item ecb-nav-tag-history-item))
(oref item narrow))
(defmethod ecb-nav-goto ((item ecb-nav-tag-history-item))
(let ((tag-buffer (ecb-nav-get-tag-buffer item))
(tag-start (ecb-nav-get-tag-start item))
(tag-end (ecb-nav-get-tag-end item))
(win-start (ecb-nav-get-window-start item)))
(select-window ecb-last-edit-window-with-point)
(set-window-buffer (selected-window) tag-buffer)
(goto-char tag-start)
(when (ecb-nav-get-narrow item)
(narrow-to-region (ecb-line-beginning-pos) tag-end))
(goto-char (+ tag-start (ecb-nav-get-pos item)))
(if win-start
(set-window-start (selected-window) (+ tag-start win-start)))))
(defmethod ecb-nav-save ((item ecb-nav-tag-history-item))
"Return only nil if tag-start of ITEM points into a dead buffer. In this
case no position saving is done."
(let ((tag-start (ecb-nav-get-tag-start item)))
(if (and tag-start (marker-buffer tag-start))
(set-buffer (marker-buffer tag-start))
(ecb-nav-set-pos item (- (point) tag-start)))
(if (equal (window-buffer) (marker-buffer tag-start))
(- (window-start) tag-start)
(defmethod ecb-nav-to-string ((item ecb-nav-tag-history-item))
(concat (ecb-nav-get-tag-name item) ":" (call-next-method)))
(defmethod ecb-nav-is-valid ((item ecb-nav-tag-history-item))
(let ((tag-start (ecb-nav-get-tag-start item))
(tag-buf (ecb-nav-get-tag-buffer item))
(tag-end (ecb-nav-get-tag-end item)))
(if (and tag-start (marker-buffer tag-start)
tag-end (marker-buffer tag-end)
tag-buf (buffer-live-p tag-buf))
(defclass ecb-nav-file-history-item (ecb-nav-history-item)
((file :initarg :file :initform ""); :protection :private)
;; the following is nil if the item does not point to an indirect-buffer
;; based on a file-buffer
(indirect-buffer-name :initarg :indirect-buffer-name :initform "") ; :protection :private)
(defun ecb-nav-file-history-item-new ()
(let* ((file (ecb-buffer-file-name))
(ind-buffer-name (and file
(item (ecb-nav-file-history-item (buffer-name)
:file file
:indirect-buffer-name ind-buffer-name)))
(ecb-nav-set-pos item (point))
(ecb-nav-set-window-start item
(window-start (get-buffer-window (current-buffer))))
(defmethod ecb-nav-get-file ((item ecb-nav-file-history-item))
(oref item file))
(defmethod ecb-nav-set-file ((item ecb-nav-file-history-item) file)
(oset item file file))
(defmethod ecb-nav-get-indirect-buffer-name ((item ecb-nav-file-history-item))
(oref item indirect-buffer-name))
(defmethod ecb-nav-set-indirect-buffer-name ((item ecb-nav-file-history-item) indirect-buffer-name)
(oset item indirect-buffer-name indirect-buffer-name))
(defmethod ecb-nav-save ((item ecb-nav-file-history-item))
(ecb-nav-set-pos item (point))
(ecb-nav-set-window-start item (window-start))
(ecb-nav-set-file item (ecb-buffer-file-name))
(ecb-nav-set-indirect-buffer-name item (and (ecb-buffer-file-name)
(defmethod ecb-nav-goto ((item ecb-nav-file-history-item))
(when (ecb-nav-get-file item)
(if (ecb-nav-get-indirect-buffer-name item)
(switch-to-buffer (ecb-nav-get-indirect-buffer-name item))
(find-file (ecb-nav-get-file item)))
(goto-char (ecb-nav-get-pos item))
(let ((win-start (ecb-nav-get-window-start item)))
(if win-start
(set-window-start (selected-window) win-start)))))
(defmethod ecb-nav-to-string ((item ecb-nav-file-history-item))
(concat (ecb-nav-get-file item) "-"
(ecb-nav-get-indirect-buffer-name item)
":" (call-next-method)))
(defmethod ecb-nav-is-valid ((item ecb-nav-file-history-item))
;; TODO: Klaus Berndl <>: for saveness we should test if
;; file points to a readable file - but what about remote-file (can last
;; long)?
(and (ecb-nav-get-file item)
(or (null (ecb-nav-get-indirect-buffer-name item))
(ecb-buffer-obj (ecb-nav-get-indirect-buffer-name item)))))
(defvar ecb-nav-first-node nil)
(setq ecb-nav-first-node (ecb-dlist-node-new (ecb-nav-history-item "First item")))
(defvar ecb-nav-current-node nil)
(setq ecb-nav-current-node ecb-nav-first-node)
(defun ecb-nav-initialize ()
(setq ecb-nav-first-node
(ecb-dlist-node-new (ecb-nav-history-item "First item")))
(setq ecb-nav-current-node ecb-nav-first-node))
(defun ecb-nav-jump-to-tag (file tag &optional narrow)
(find-file file)
(ecb-nav-add-item (ecb-nav-tag-history-item tag narrow)))
(defun ecb-nav-jump-to-file (file)
(find-file file)
(ecb-nav-add-item (ecb-nav-file-history-item file)))
(defun ecb-nav-add-item (item)
(let ((node (ecb-dlist-node-new item)))
(ecb-set-next node (ecb-get-next ecb-nav-current-node))
(ecb-set-next ecb-nav-current-node node)
(setq ecb-nav-current-node node)))
(defun ecb-nav-remove-current-node ()
(ecb-nav-remove-node ecb-nav-current-node))
(defun ecb-nav-remove-node (node)
"Remove NODE and set `ecb-nav-first-node' and `ecb-nav-current-node' if
(let ((prev (ecb-get-previous node))
(next (ecb-get-next node)))
(if prev
(ecb-set-next prev (ecb-get-next node)))
(if next
(ecb-set-previous next (ecb-get-previous node)))
(if (eq node ecb-nav-current-node)
(setq ecb-nav-current-node (or prev
(if (eq node ecb-nav-first-node)
(if next
(setq ecb-nav-first-node next)
(defun ecb-nav-remove-invalid-nodes ()
(let ((node ecb-nav-first-node)
(next-node nil))
(while node
(setq next-node (ecb-get-next node))
(if (not (ecb-nav-is-valid (ecb-get-data node)))
(ecb-nav-remove-node node))
(setq node next-node))))
(defun ecb-nav-save-current ()
(while (not (ecb-nav-save (ecb-get-data ecb-nav-current-node)))
(defun ecb-nav-goto-next ()
"Go forward in the navigation history list."
(ecb-nav-goto--internal (ecb-get-next ecb-nav-current-node)))
(defun ecb-nav-goto-previous ()
"Go back in the navigation history list."
(ecb-nav-goto--internal (ecb-get-previous ecb-nav-current-node)))
(defun ecb-nav-dump-history ()
(ecb-nav-dump-history--internal ecb-nav-first-node))
(defun ecb-nav-dump-history--internal (node)
(when node
(insert (ecb-nav-to-string (ecb-get-data node)) "\n")
(ecb-nav-dump-history--internal (ecb-get-next node))))
(defun ecb-nav-goto--internal (node)
(if (or (not node) (eq ecb-nav-first-node node))
(message "No more valid history items!")
;; before doing something we have to clear the history from now invalid
;; nodes means removing nodes which does not point into a live buffer
(setq ecb-nav-current-node node)
(ecb-nav-goto (ecb-get-data node))))
(silentcomp-provide 'ecb-navigate)
;;; ecb-navigate.el ends here
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