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1 parent d0f7e97 commit 1e9ddf472d7b6006dc92684b82de22e6148f38b4 berndl committed Apr 14, 2004
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3 ecb-upgrade.el
@@ -177,7 +177,8 @@
;; Each NEWS-string should be a one-liner shorter than 70 chars
(defconst ecb-upgrade-news
- ("2.24" . ("New \"current-type\"-filter for the Methods-buffer"))
+ ("2.24" . ("New \"current-type\"-filter for the Methods-buffer"
+ "Now directories are prescanned for emptyness"))
("2.23" . ("New cedet1.0beta2 is supported."
"Distinction between functions and function-prototypes in the Methods-buffer"
"The command `ecb-toggle-layout' now has a prefix-argument"
58 ecb.texi
@@ -2148,7 +2148,27 @@ depends for semantic-sources on the options
all node-types are expanded/collapsed, i.e. the two options above
takes no effect for these files.
-@subsubsection Automatic expanding the ECB-methods-buffer
+@subsubsection Automatic expansion ot tags after buffer-parsing
+With the option @code{ecb-show-tags} you tell ECB how to display tags
+of a certain tag-class (@pxref{Customizing the display}). Among other
+things you can tell ECB that a certain tag-class should be combined
+under an expanded or collapsed bucket-node. But such a setting defines
+the expansion-state of such a bucket-node only direct afterwards the
+buffer has been (re)parsed, which can occur after opening a file,
+after autom. reparsing the buffer via semantic or after manually
+rebuilding the methods-buffer of ECB.
+The tag-class @code{type} (classes, interfaces, enumerations etc.) is
+divided into several subtypes by semantic. The subtypes are stings
+which names exactly if the tag with tag-class @code{type} is a class,
+an interface, an enumeration, a typedef etc. With the option
+@code{ecb-type-tag-expansion} you can tell ECB if these type-tags
+should be autom. expanded after (reparsing) a buffer (see above) or if
+they should be displayed collapsed - so all its members (methods,
+variables etc.) are hidden.
+@subsubsection Automatic expanding the ECB-methods-buffer for current tag
If the option @code{ecb-highlight-tag-with-point} is switched on, then
always that node in the method-buffer is highlighted which belongs to
@@ -2175,8 +2195,8 @@ collapsed or the containing type of a tag (e.g. the class of a method)
was collapsed. So in most cases much more was expanded as needed to
make the current tag visible.
-The mechanism of ECB 2.22 only expands the needed parts of the
-tree-buffer to make the related node visible: First we try to
+The mechanism of ECB 2.22 and higher only expands the needed parts of
+the tree-buffer to make the related node visible: First we try to
highlight the current tag with current expansion-state of the
Methods-buffer. If the node is not visible so the tag can not be
highlighted then we go upstairs the ladder of type-tags the current
@@ -2223,9 +2243,35 @@ fontify them (i.e. syntax-highlighting) and something more.
@table @code
@item ecb-show-tags
-Which semantic-tags (e.g. types, methods, variables etc.) should be
-displayed and should they be collapsed, flattened or expanded. Sorting
-is also possible.
+With the option @code{ecb-show-tags} you specify how ECB should
+display the tags returned by the semantic parser. Semantic divides its
+tags in several so called @dfn{tag classes}. A tag-class is always a
+symbol and can be for example @code{type} (tags which represent a
+class@footnote{Do not confuse the term ``class'' in the context of a
+tag, which means the class of the tag and which is a semantic-term and
+a ``class'' in the context of an object oriented language like Java or
+C++! Normally the surrounding context sould be sufficient to
+understand which type of ``class'' is meant whenever the term
+``class'' is used in this manual.}, a interface, an enumeration etc.),
+@code{function} (tags which represent function or methods),
+@code{variable} (variables and attributes), @code{include}
+(import-statements) etc. There is no predefined superset of allowed
+tag-class-symbols because each language-parser can define its own
+tag-classes. But to get an overview of the most common tag-classes see
+the default value of the option @code{ecb-show-tags}.
+With the option @code{ecb-show-tags} you can now specify how ECB
+should display tags of a certain tag-class in a certain major-mode.
+You can tell ECB that all tags of a tag-class @code{X} should be
+displayed in an expanded bucket and all tags of a tag-class @code{Y}
+should be displayed in a collapsed bucket and all tags of a tag-class
+@code{Z} should be displayed flattened (means not contained in a
+expandable/collapsable bucket-node). These settings can be made
+separately for each major-mode but you can also define a
+default-display which takes effect when for a major-mode no special
+setting can be found in @code{ecb-show-tags}.
+For every tag-class you can tell ECB how the tags should be sorted.
@item ecb-font-lock-tags
@itemx ecb-type-tag-display
5 html/ecb-html.el
@@ -77,6 +77,11 @@
"List of latest news displayed on the main page.")
(setq ecb-latest-news
+ ,(h-sub-section "ECB 2.24 released! (2004-04-14)"
+ "New \"current-type\"-filter for the Methods-buffer. More and better icons for the Methods-buffer. Now directories are prescanned for emptyness so they are displayed as empty in the directories buffer. Fixed some bugs which made ECB 2.23 incompatible with semantic 1.4.X. "
+ (h-link "docs/Install-and-first-steps.html#Install%20and%20first%20steps" "Here") " is a short installation guide. "
+ "Click " (h-link "NEWS.html" "here")
+ " for information about changes in the new version. ")
,(h-sub-section "ECB 2.23 released! (2004-04-02)"
"Works with the new cedet1.0beta2-release which offers much better intellisense! The look&feel of the Methods-buffer now looks much nicer because it has been polished with a lot of new icons for methods, variables, classes and private, protected and public protection, static etc. (see Screenshot Nr. 1). New feature for applying default tag-filters for certain files. Distinction between functions and function-prototypes in the Methods-buffer. Better internal self-monitoring of ECB. Some important bug fixes "
(h-link "docs/Install-and-first-steps.html#Install%20and%20first%20steps" "Here") " is a short installation guide. "

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