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;;; emacs-rc-pretty-lambda.el ---
;; Copyright (C) Alex Ott
;; Author: Alex Ott <>
;; Keywords:
;; Requirements:
;; Status: not intended to be distributed yet
;; Unicode symbols in buffer
(defun unicode-symbol (name)
"Translate a symbolic name for a Unicode character -- e.g., LEFT-ARROW
or GREATER-THAN into an actual Unicode character code. "
(decode-char 'ucs (case name
('right-triangle #X22b3)
('left-triangle #X22b2)
('left-arrow 8592)
('up-arrow 8593)
('right-arrow 8594)
('down-arrow 8595)
('right-double-arrow 8658)
('left-double-arrow 8656)
('double-vertical-bar #X2551)
('equal #X003d)
('not-equal #X2260)
('identical #X2261)
('not-identical #X2262)
('much-less-than #X226a)
('much-greater-than #X226b)
('less-than #X003c)
('greater-than #X003e)
('less-than-or-equal-to #X2264)
('greater-than-or-equal-to #X2265)
('logical-and #X2227)
('logical-or #X2228)
('logical-neg #X00AC)
('nil #X2205)
('horizontal-ellipsis #X2026)
('double-exclamation #X203C)
('prime #X2032)
('double-prime #X2033)
('for-all #X2200)
('there-exists #X2203)
('element-of #X2208)
('square-root #X221A)
('squared #X00B2)
('cubed #X00B3)
('lambda #X03BB)
('alpha #X03B1)
('beta #X03B2)
('gamma #X03B3)
('delta #X03B4))))
(defun substitute-pattern-with-unicode (pattern symbol)
"Add a font lock hook to replace the matched part of PATTERN with the
Unicode symbol SYMBOL looked up with UNICODE-SYMBOL."
nil `((,pattern
(0 (progn (compose-region (match-beginning 1) (match-end 1)
,(unicode-symbol symbol)
(defun substitute-patterns-with-unicode (patterns)
(mapcar #'(lambda (x)
(substitute-pattern-with-unicode (car x)
(cdr x)))
;; symbol replacements for erlang
(defun erlang-unicode ()
;; (cons "\\(<<\\)" 'left-arrow)
;; (cons "\\(>>\\)" 'left-arrow)
(cons "\\s \\(->\\)\\(\\s \\|$\\)" 'right-arrow))))
(add-hook 'erlang-mode-hook 'erlang-unicode)
(defun fsharp-unicode ()
(list (cons "\\(<-\\)" 'left-arrow)
(cons "\\(->\\)" 'right-arrow)
(cons "\\[^=\\]\\(=\\)\\[^=\\]" 'equal)
(cons "\\(==\\)" 'identical)
(cons "\\(\\!=\\)" 'not-identical)
(cons "\\(<>\\)" 'not-equal)
(cons "\\(()\\)" 'nil)
(cons "\\<\\(sqrt\\)\\>" 'square-root)
(cons "\\(&&\\)" 'logical-and)
(cons "\\(||\\)" 'logical-or)
(cons "\\<\\(not\\)\\>" 'logical-neg)
(cons "\\(>\\)\\[^=\\]" 'greater-than)
(cons "\\(<\\)\\[^=\\]" 'less-than)
(cons "\\(>=\\)" 'greater-than-or-equal-to)
(cons "\\(<=\\)" 'less-than-or-equal-to)
(cons "\\<\\(alpha\\)\\>" 'alpha)
(cons "\\<\\(beta\\)\\>" 'beta)
(cons "\\<\\(gamma\\)\\>" 'gamma)
(cons "\\<\\(delta\\)\\>" 'delta)
(cons "\\(''\\)" 'double-prime)
(cons "\\('\\)" 'prime)
(cons "\\<\\(List.forall\\)\\>" 'for-all)
(cons "\\<\\(List.exists\\)\\>" 'there-exists)
(cons "\\(>>\\)" 'much-greater-than)
(cons "\\(<<\\)" 'much-less-than)
;;(cons "\\(|>\\)" 'right-triangle)
;;(cons "\\(<|\\)" 'left-triangle)
;;(cons "\\<\\(List.mem\\)\\>" 'element-of)
(cons "^ +\\(|\\)" 'double-vertical-bar))))
(add-hook 'fsharp-mode-hook 'fsharp-unicode)
;;; emacs-rc-pretty-lambda.el ends here