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Emacs Muse NEWS --- History of user-visible changes -*- outline -*-
* Changes in Muse 3.02.8
** Building Muse
*** Compile the contents of the contrib directory.
*** The debian/ directory has been moved into its own branch.
It is now available at
*** Further parametrize the build system, so that it can be easily
used by other Emacs Lisp projects.
*** Include autoloads file (lisp/muse-autoloads.el) with releases.
** CGI library (contrib/cgi.el)
*** Make this not depend on cl.el at runtime.
*** Re-add the example calendar application.
** HTTP daemon (contrib/httpd.el)
*** Update this to work with newer versions of Emacs.
* Changes in Muse 3.02.7
** Muse Mode highlighting (lisp/muse-colors.el)
*** Fix bug that caused Muse not to work with recent builds of Emacs 22.
* Changes in Muse 3.02.6
** Building Muse
*** Autoloads for Muse are now generated in the muse-autoloads.el
file at build time.
*** Don't escape "%" and "+" in URLs.
** Muse Mode
*** <lisp> tags are now evaluated at display time.
The actual contents of the buffer will not change, just the displayed
text. To toggle this behavior, set `muse-colors-evaluate-lisp-tags'.
** Publishing
*** When errors happen during publishing, a more explanatory message
is displayed.
*** It is now possible to specify non-breaking-space with "~~"
(two tildes). This helps prevent proper names from being split up in
the output.
*** Escape specials in all forms of emphasis.
*** Escape "[" and "]" in links that are entered using muse-make-link.
*** Errors from invalid lisp code in a <lisp> tag will be published
as a comment. If you have `muse-publish-comments-p' set to nil, the
effect is to remove the error message.
*** Fix several publishing issues involving comments and numbered lists.
** Wiki
*** Interwiki links in extended links that have special characters are
now handled properly.
** XML
*** The XML publishing style is now considered stable.
Its schema is available in `examples/muse.rnc'.
* Changes in Muse 3.02.5
** LaTeX
*** Use a better algorithm for determining how many times we need to
call pdflatex for publishing. Anything with a Table of Contents needs
2 passes.
** Muse Mode
*** The 3 levels of emphasis now have corresponding muse-emphasis-N faces.
This permits the user to customize them, which may be useful if a font
does not have italic and/or bold versions.
*** Visiting pages with anchors works better.
*** Fix fill bug with semicolons in the middle of paragraphs.
*** Fix a bug with editing the link at point.
*** Fix a display bug with text like =<verbatim><example></verbatim>=.
** Project settings
*** Fix an edge case that yielded a stringp: nil error.
*** Prevent auto-save files from being recognized as Muse files.
** Wiki
*** By default, WikiWords can have consecutive capital letters.
*** Fix an error that occurs when muse-colors is not loaded.
*** It is now possible to specify a suffix for WikiWord links.
For example: WikiName''''s. The WikiName part will be displayed and
colored as a link, but the "s" will be left alone.
* Changes in Muse 3.02.02
** Configuration
*** A bug with customizing `muse-project-alist' has been fixed.
*** We use a file extension for Muse files by default.
To obtain the old behavior, set `muse-file-extension' to nil and
`muse-mode-auto-p' to t.
To go along with the new behavior, be sure to rename all of your Muse
files to have a ".muse" extension.
*** New option: `muse-wiki-ignore-bare-project-names'.
This causes Muse to ignore bare project names if specified. The
default is to turn bare project names into links.
*** New option: `muse-publish-comments-p'.
This causes Muse to publish comments as markup. The default is to
remove comments before publishing rather than trying to mark them up.
*** New option: `muse-wiki-allow-nonexistent-wikiword'.
Enabling this will cause WikiWords with no corresponding file to be
colored as bad links. The default is not to color them and turn them
into links.
** Muse Mode
*** An error with intangible links has been fixed.
*** Visiting a page with an anchor works better than before.
*** Flyspell behaves better with Emacs21 than before.
*** Links to nonexistent files will be colored red by default.
This happened previously, but the algorithm was buggy and didn't cover
implicit links.
** Programming
*** A convenience macro called `with-muse-project' has been added.
This allows a code block to be executed after changing the current
Muse project. It is analogous to emacs-wiki's
`with-emacs-wiki-project' function.
** Publishing
*** An issue involving anchors at the end of a line has been
*** Non-word characters are now allowed before an anchor.
*** Comments may now be published, if desired.
This behavior may be controlled with the `muse-publish-comments-p'
option. The default is to remove comments before publishing rather
than trying to mark them up.
*** Publishing directives may now include a dash character.
** LaTeX publishing
*** A bug with footnotes has been addressed.
An attempt has been made to make generated footnote markup look more
"natural" to experienced LaTeX users.
*** Table headers are underlined and table footers are overlined.
*** PDF publishing will cause pdflatex to be called as needed.
The previous behavior was to always call pdflatex twice. Currently,
if pdflatex succeeds, it will not be called again. Otherwise, call it
up to three times.
*** Escaping of special characters should be drastically improved.
An attempt has been made to get escaping done right in most contexts.
The only quirk is that you must surround dollar signs with equal signs
to ensure escaping. This makes publishing PDF documents much more
** TexInfo publishing
*** An attempt was made to hone some of the markup.
* Changes in Muse 3.02.01
** Configuration
*** `muse-project-alist' -- This variable should now save customizations
to the correct form in the .emacs file. Before, it was saving an
intermediate form of the variable.
If you have used the customize interface in the previous release of
Muse to set `muse-project-alist', please do the following to import
your settings.
- Open your .emacs file.
- Move the point to where `muse-project-alist' is set.
- Type `M-: (setq muse-project-alist-using-customize t) RET'.
- Type `C-M-x'.
- Type `M-x customize-save-variable RET muse-project-alist RET'.
*** `muse-project-alist' -- A bug involving the deleting of items
using Emacs21 and XEmacs21 has been fixed.
** Muse Mode
*** Links should no longer prevent moving the point, and help text for
links should no longer cause errors to occur.
** Publishing
*** If 2 or more blank lines separate list or table items, each item
will be published in a separate list or table.
*** The #date directive is now populated by default with the last
modified time of each file, rather than the current time of day. To
use this value, add '<lisp>(muse-publishing-directive "date")<lisp>'
to your header or footer.
** HTML publishing
*** `muse-xhtml-style-sheet' -- New option that indicates the style
settings to use for XHTML documents. This may be either a filename or
a string of stylesheet settings.
* Changes in Muse 3.02
** New modules
*** muse-wiki.el --- Provide automatic linking for WikiWords and
InterWiki links. These words are clickable and publish as links.
Project names from `muse-project-alist' are available for InterWiki
linking by default. The list of InterWiki names and handlers may be
customized through `muse-wiki-interwiki-alist'.
WikiWords that do not correspond with real files will not be displayed
as links nor published as links. It is expected that this behavior
will be made optional in future versions of Muse.
**** This module includes a few helper functions that may be added to
`muse-publish-desc-transforms' in order to modify link descriptions at
publish time.
**** The concept of "implicit links" and "explicit links" has been
introduced. Explicit links are surrounded by brackets, i.e.
[[][this is a explicit link]]. Implicit links are URLs
and email addresses that are not surrounded by brackets: they will not
be colorized or published if surrounded by double-quotes.
***** `muse-wiki-publish-pretty-title' causes words to be Title-cased,
ignoring words like `the' and `at' which should not be changed.
***** `muse-wiki-publish-pretty-interwiki' changes the delimiter of
interwiki links according to the text of the
`muse-wiki-interwiki-replacement' option.
*** muse-protocols.el --- URL protocols that Muse recognizes.
This automatically-included module provides an easily customizable
list of URL protocols, how to browse them, and how to resolve them for
publishing. Customize `muse-url-protocols' to add and remove
** Compatibility fixes
*** Muse has been tested with XEmacs 21.4, both Mule and non-Mule versions.
There are no known problems remaining. To make things work by
default, the iso-8859-1 charset is used as a default option in some
** Configuration
*** `muse-file-extension' -- New option that allows the file extension
for Muse files to be specified. For example, setting this to "muse"
assumes that you have renamed your Muse files with a ".muse"
extension. Using this (and setting `muse-mode-auto-p' to nil) will
prevent miscellaneous non-Muse files from being accidentally opened in
Muse Mode.
*** `muse-ignored-extensions' -- New option that determines which file
extensions to omit from the ending of a Muse page name.
*** `muse-ignored-extensions-regexp' -- This is no longer customizable.
It will be automatically generated from `muse-file-extension' and
*** `muse-project-alist' -- The customize interface for this option has
been greatly improved, and much effort has been spent in order to make
this user-friendly.
*** The `:force-publish' tag may be specified in `muse-project-alist'.
This causes a particular list of files to be re-created every time the
publishing process is invoked, even if they haven't been changed
according to their timestamps. One use for this is to keep an index
of available pages by adding the following to a file in this list.
<lisp>(muse-index-as-string t t t)</lisp>
*** `muse-project-ignore-regexp' -- By default, version control directories
are now included in this regexp so that they don't appear when you hit
C-c C-f to browse files in a project.
*** The `muse-project-alist-styles' and `muse-project-alist-dirs' functions
may be used in `muse-project-alist' to recursively add styles and
directory listings for a given directory. The following is an
example. We use a backtick instead of a single quote to begin the
(setq muse-project-alist
(,@(muse-project-alist-dirs "~/proj/wiki/blog") ;; base dir
:default "guestbook")
,@(muse-project-alist-styles "~/proj/wiki/blog" ;; base dir
;; output dir
;; style
Note that if you use the customize interface for `muse-project-alist',
you will still have to manually add information for any new
** Debian packaging
*** Debian packages for Muse have entered Debian unstable, thanks
to Romain Francoise, my sponsor.
It is possible to roll your own Muse packages if you want to do so.
Packages may be built by using `make debrelease', once the proper
options in Makefile.defs are set. Revisions may be built using `make
The manual and relevant documentation files have been included with
the Debian package for Muse.
** Muse Mode
*** Allow use of Muse with outline-minor-mode.
*** Filling text does the right thing with list items and footnotes.
List items and footnotes will no longer be concatenated when hitting
M-q in the midst of consecutive items.
*** Links will never be split in the middle when using Fill.
*** Some flyspell crash issues were addressed.
Using intangible text can cause strange problems with flyspell mode.
Hence, by default, the intangible property will be ignored. A new
option called `muse-mode-intangible-links' indicates whether this
should be the case.
*** Links will no longer be highlighted by flyspell.
If you're using XEmacs or Emacs 22, flyspell will ignore links,
including link text. This keeps flyspell from making the links
unclickable. If you're using Emacs 21, flyspell will continue to
interfere with links. If you know how to fix this, please send a
*** A few edge cases for emphasis and underlining have been addressed.
*** <example>, <verbatim>, and =surrounded text= are now colored using
the new face `muse-verbatim-face'.
*** All marked up text properties, like emphasis and underlining,
will be removed for the text between <example>, <verbatim>, <code>,
<literal>, and <lisp> tags.
*** Links to temporary files may be visited.
A "temporary file" in this case is a buffer that is not associated
with any file. For some dynamic content import scripts with Planner,
this is helpful.
*** Typing "#title" should never crash Emacs anymore.
** Muse manual
*** Fix problem with producing a PDF version of the manual.
*** Document WikiNames.
*** Bring up-to-date with latest features.
*** Massively update Common Elements section.
*** New Directives section.
This describes the use of #title and #author, as well as other
directives that may be used.
*** New Comments section.
Describes the use of "; comment text".
** Publishing
*** The order of rules should be much improved.
This means that emphasis characters like `*' and `_' will never be
interpreted as such if they are within links.
*** The user will be notified when `muse-publish-this-file' fails to
publish the current file. This happens when the timestamp of the
current file indicates that it is up-to-date.
*** Special characters are escaped in link descriptions and links on a
more consistent basis. What defines a "special character" varies
according to the publishing style.
*** Errors that occur during publish time will cause a warning to be
displayed prominently, rather than being ignored. It should no longer
be possible to mess up a Muse source file by tweaking the Muse
publishing process.
*** Errors in <lisp> tags cause a warning to be displayed and
return "<!--INVALID LISP CODE-->". Muse will try to continue
publishing the page.
*** An emdash ("--") can now be used after a list, as long as there is
a blank line between the end of the list and the emdash.
*** The <code> tag has been introduced.
It does the same thing that =equal signs= do: escape specials and
publish as teletype text. Use it for short command snippets and the
like. <example> is a better choice for large blocks of code, since it
preserves whitespace.
*** An edge case involving links at the beginning of a paragraph
has been addressed.
*** An edge case involving consecutive directives of the same size
has been addressed.
*** Every publishing style is now capable of specifying strings to use
for sections beyond the third level.
*** Every publishing style may specify an end-of-section string.
This is used, for example, by the experimental XML style and the
DocBook style.
*** Every publishing style may specify a method of handling "internal
link" markup. An internal link is a link that refers to an anchor on
the current page.
*** Every publishing style may specify a link suffix to use.
This allows the file extensions in links to other Muse files to be
different from their actual extension. Blosxom makes use of this
(since its published files are .txt and the dynamically-generated
output is .html), and it could come in handy for PHP stuff.
If a link suffix is not specified via :link-suffix, the value of
:suffix will be used.
** Blosxom publishing
*** muse-blosxom-new-entry: A #category directive is added by default.
Nothing is done with this yet, but it could be handy for tag-based
(multiple category) blogging, once we figure out a good way to do that
in both Muse and Pyblosxom. Ideas are welcome, and patches even more
** DocBook publishing
*** The markup has been comprehensively improved.
Published documents will now pass validation tests and look better in
*** It is now possible to specify the encoding of DocBook documents.
The default encoding is utf-8.
*** Footnotes will be embedded into paragraphs, since this is
The DocBook Way.
*** Tables will be sorted by section.
Headers first, then footers, then the rest of the table.
*** Anchors are now handled correctly and publish to the best available
form. Links to anchors are published with the <link> tag.
** HTML publishing
*** Fix minor issue with anchors.
*** Paragraph publishing will no longer insert <div> tags before images.
This was causing too much hassle for some programs that were trying to
extend Muse, like the Muse port of Planner.
*** The `&', `<', and '>' characters will be escaped using their specific
HTML escape codes, rather than with "&#NNN;". This makes the
published output display correctly in more web browsers.
*** Use HTML 4.0 Transitional by default for `muse-html-header'.
*** Include empty alt element in markup string for images that lack a
*** Tables will be sorted by section.
Headers first, then footers, then the rest of the table.
*** `muse-xhtml-extension' -- The default extension for XHTML publishing.
This is a new option.
** Journal publishing
*** Use "div class=..." rather than "div id=..." for sections.
** LaTeX publishing
*** A newline will be appended to the default footer for the latex and
latexpdf publishing styles. This keeps the PDF-building process from
failing due to lack of a newline at end of file.
*** Anchors and links to them now work properly.
*** When generating PDF files, call pdflatex twice.
This should ensure that the table of contents gets generated, if one
is due to be published.
*** PDF files with spaces may be published.
A bug preventing this has been fixed.
*** Teletype text is now published using \\texttt{...}.
*** An attempt has been made to escape special characters more
** TexInfo publishing
*** Fix a fatal error that occurs when publishing tables.
*** Generate the contents in the header by default rather than the footer.
This is the way that most TexInfo manuals do it.
*** The info-pdf publishing style currently produces the best PDF output
on the maintainer's machine, so it is now used to publish the PDF
version of the Muse Manual.
*** The characters `{' and `}' will be treated as special characters that
need to be escaped at publish-time.
*** Improve dots and enddots markup strings.
*** Surround underlined text with "_" since TexInfo doesn't seem to have
any better options for producing underlined text.
*** Anchors and links to them now work properly.
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