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2009-08-05 Michael Olson <>
* lisp/muse.el (muse-insert-file-contents): Cause epa-file-handler
to be ignored.
2009-06-18 Michael Olson <>
* lisp/muse-latex.el (muse-latex-slides-header)
(muse-latex-lecture-notes-header): Handle images. Generate title
page correctly. Generate table of contents page if requested.
2009-06-17 Michael Olson <>
* lisp/muse-latex.el (muse-latex-pdf-cruft): Remove additional
cruft files from beamer.
2009-01-03 Michael Olson <>
* contrib/ikiwiki/Ikiwiki/Plugin/ Move here from
* contrib/Makefile (htmlize-hack.elc): Don't byte-compile
htmlize-hack.el, since it is only useful if htmlize.el is
* contrib/cgi.el: Add compatibility functions for calendar, so
that it works with both Emacs 21 and Emacs 23. Thanks to Brent
Goodrick for the report.
* texi/muse.texi (Using Muse Mode): Fix typo.
See ChangeLog.5 for earlier changes.
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;; coding: utf-8
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