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.PHONY: all lisp autoloads clean realclean distclean fullclean install test
.PRECIOUS: %.elc
include ../Makefile.defs
EL = $(filter-out muse-autoloads.el,$(wildcard *.el))
ELC = $(patsubst %.el,%.elc,$(EL))
all: autoloads lisp
lisp: $(ELC)
muse-build.elc: ../scripts/muse-build.el
@echo muse-build.el is not byte-compiled
autoloads: muse-autoloads.el
muse-autoloads.el: $(EL)
@$(EMACS) -q $(SITEFLAG) -batch -l ../scripts/muse-build.el \
-f muse-generate-autoloads . ../contrib ../experimental
%.elc: %.el
@$(EMACS) -q $(SITEFLAG) -batch -l ../scripts/muse-build.el \
-f batch-byte-compile $<
-rm -f *.elc *~
realclean distclean fullclean: clean
-rm -f muse-autoloads.el
install: autoloads lisp
install -d $(ELISPDIR)
install -m 0644 muse-autoloads.el $(EL) $(ELC) $(ELISPDIR)
test: $(ELC)
$(EMACS) -q $(SITEFLAG) -batch -l ../scripts/muse-build.el \
-f muse-elint-files muse-*.el
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