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correct filename generation for not-yet-existing links

behaviour now is same for both files included into project and not
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1 parent f0bdba2 commit a1577f6f27edb38388352e9567962d3090a1c469 @alexott committed Nov 16, 2011
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  1. +16 −2 lisp/muse-mode.el
@@ -563,6 +563,20 @@ Do not rename the page originally referred to."
t t))
(error "There is no valid link at point")))
+(defun muse-get-link-filename (link)
+ "Generates correct file name for given link, when source file doesn't belong to any
+project. Creates directory if link contains directory part, and it doesn't exists"
+ (let ((directory (file-name-directory link))
+ (filename (file-name-nondirectory link)))
+ (when (and (not (file-name-extension filename))
+ muse-file-extension
+ (not (string= muse-file-extension ""))
+ (not (file-exists-p link)))
+ (setq filename (concat filename "." muse-file-extension)))
+ (when (and directory (not (file-exists-p directory)))
+ (make-directory directory t))
+ (expand-file-name filename directory)))
(defun muse-visit-link-default (link &optional other-window)
"Visit the URL or link named by LINK.
If ANCHOR is specified, search for it after opening LINK.
@@ -595,8 +609,8 @@ in `muse-project-alist'."
(and other-window
(if other-window
- (find-file-other-window link)
- (find-file link))))))
+ (find-file-other-window (muse-get-link-filename link))
+ (find-file (muse-get-link-filename link)))))))
(when anchor
(let ((pos (point))
(regexp (concat "^\\W*" (regexp-quote anchor) "\\b"))

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