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Commits on Jan 15, 2008
  1. @mwolson
Commits on Nov 19, 2007
  1. @mwolson

    Revert "Test my new setup"

    mwolson authored
    This reverts commit f140bb2.
  2. @mwolson

    Test my new setup

    mwolson authored
Commits on Aug 25, 2007
  1. @mwolson

    License cleanup in contrib/pyblosxom files

    mwolson authored
    * README: Mention that contents of contrib/blosxom and contrib/pyblosxom
      have different licenses than the rest of Muse.
    * contrib/pyblosxom/ Add license text.  It seems safe to
      assume that the original author wanted this to be distributed with
      Pyblosxom, and hence use the MIT license like the rest of Pyblosxom.
    * contrib/pyblosxom/ Add license text.
    * contrib/pyblosxom/make-blog: Change license text to be "This file may
      be used, distributed, and modified without restriction."
Commits on Aug 9, 2007
  1. @mwolson

    Update README

    mwolson authored
    * README (Prerequisites): Fix typo.
      (Compilation, Installation): Update.
      (Documentation, Further Documentation): Update URLs.
      (Further Documentation): Add quick blurb on how to participate in Muse
      development or track changes.
    * texi/muse.texi (Development): Add section with instructions for
      Becoming a Muse developer.
      (Installation): Fix typo and clarify wording.
Commits on Jul 29, 2007
  1. @mwolson

    Relicense to GPLv3

    mwolson authored
    2007-07-29  Michael Olson  <>
    	* Relicense to GPLv3.
    	* texi/doclicense.texi (GNU Free Documentation License): Use
    	pristine copy from Emacs source tree.
    	* texi/muse.texi (Contributors): Move node and appendix indicators
    	here, rather than doclicense.texi.
Commits on Jul 27, 2007
  1. @mwolson

    Allow Emacs-Muse as an alternate spelling

    mwolson authored
    2007-07-27  Michael Olson  <>
    	* README: Permit Muse to be called "Emacs-Muse".
    	* texi/muse.texi (Introduction): Mention that Emacs Muse, Muse,
    	and Emacs-Muse are the same thing.
Commits on Jun 17, 2007
  1. @mwolson

    Get Info version of QuickStart to publish

    mwolson authored
    2007-06-17  Michael Olson  <>
    	* examples/QuickStart.muse: Make images local so that the Info
    	version of this document works.  Add <example> for the Literal
    	paragraphs chapter, so that it is clear what is happening.
    	* examples/Makefile (%.html, %.pdf, Add message to
    	indicate what we are publishing.
    	(realclean distclean fullclean): Remove all TeX crud.
    	* examples/emacs-muse.png, examples/muse-made-with.png: Include so
    	that the Info version of QuickStart can publish correctly.
    	* lisp/muse-texinfo.el (muse-texinfo-process-natively): Set
    	default to nil, since texinfmt.el is a serious nuisance.
    	(muse-texinfo-markup-strings): Add newlines to begin-example and
    	(muse-texinfo-decide-specials): Also escape URL-type specials in a
    	whole slew of other contexts.
Commits on Jun 15, 2007
  1. @mwolson

    Update RelaxNG schema

    mwolson authored
    2007-06-14  Michael Olson  <>
    	* README: Mention that RelaxNG schema is in etc/ directory.
    	* etc/muse.rnc: Increment version number to 1.0.  Fix several
    	nested emphasis and nested lists edge cases.  Move here from
    	* lisp/muse-publish.el (muse-publish-markup-table)
    	(muse-publish-markup-table-el): Include a newline in the return
    	string, so that paragraph detection does not get confused.
Commits on Jun 13, 2007
  1. @mwolson

    README: Document new etc/ directory

    mwolson authored
    2007-06-12  Michael Olson  <>
    	* README: Document new etc/ directory
Commits on May 14, 2007
  1. @mwolson

    Mention new muse-el-logs mailing list in documentation

    mwolson authored
    2007-05-14  Michael Olson  <>
    	* README, texi/muse.texi (Getting Help and Reporting Bugs):
    	Mention the new muse-el-logs mailing list.
Commits on Apr 22, 2007
  1. @mwolson

    Revert trivial change

    mwolson authored
  2. @mwolson

    Testing commit mail ...

    mwolson authored
Commits on Apr 20, 2007
  1. @mwolson

    Add listing of ideas to new IDEAS.muse file

    mwolson authored
    2007-04-19  Michael Olson  <>
    	* IDEAS.muse: New file containing a list of ideas we have for new
    	features, or patches that have yet to be applied.
    	* README: Call it "Emacs Muse", not "the Emacs Muse".  No need to
    	be so confusing.
Commits on Apr 12, 2007
  1. @mwolson

    Yet another test

    mwolson authored
    With some log content.
  2. @mwolson

    This time, without colors

    mwolson authored
  3. @mwolson

    Revert trivial change.

    mwolson authored
    I think we've got a winner.
  4. @mwolson

    Still more testing ...

    mwolson authored
    Third attempt at this ...
  5. @mwolson

    That didn't take ... trying again

    mwolson authored
    Long summary goes here.
  6. @mwolson

    Quick pointless change to test

    mwolson authored
    Long summary goes here.
Commits on Apr 2, 2007
  1. @mwolson

    READE: List available mailing lists

    mwolson authored
    2007-04-02  Michael Olson  <>
    	* README (muse-el-announce): Make a listing of mailing lists,
    	rather than pointing to the old EmacsWikiMailingList page.  Thanks
    	to Andreas Roehler for noticing
Commits on Feb 23, 2007
  1. @mwolson

    README: Mention which versions of Emacs work with Muse

    mwolson authored
    2007-02-23  Michael Olson  <>
    	* README: Add Prerequisites section to mention which versions of
    	Emacs work with Muse.  Thanks to Exal de Jesus Garcia Carrillo for
    	the suggestion.  Update link destination for Muse's page on
Commits on Dec 21, 2006
  1. @mwolson

    Re-license manual to GFDL instead of GPL

    mwolson authored
    * README: Update for license change in the manual.  Improve "Getting
      Started" example.
    * muse.texi: Move to `texi' directory.  Change license to the GFDL.  See
      NEWS for rationale.  Remove GPL license section, since it seems to be
    * texi/doclicense.texi: New file containing the text of the GFDL.
    * texi/Makefile: New file split from the top-level Makefile that handles
      generation and installation of the manual.
Commits on Jul 29, 2006
  1. @mwolson

    Mention both Ubuntu and Debian throughout.

    mwolson authored
    * Makefile.defs, README, muse.texi: Mention Ubuntu wherever Debian is
Commits on Mar 13, 2006
  1. @mwolson

    Add COPYING file; update headers.

    mwolson authored
    * COPYING: New file containing the GNU GPL.
    * AUTHORS: Bookkeeping.
    * README: Add License section.  Change Muse homepage URL.
    * debian/copyright: Change Muse homepage URL.  Prune list to those who
      have changed 15+ lines of code, since this is the amount that
      constitutes legal contribution to a software work, AFAICT.
    * examples/mwolson: Update contents of directory to match my current
    * experimental/muse*.el, lisp/muse*.el: Update headers.
    * muse.texi: Change Muse homepage URL.
Commits on Dec 16, 2005
  1. @mwolson

    Make XML publishing work with QuickStart; no longer considered unstable.

    mwolson authored
    * examples/muse.rnc: Strip trailing whitespace.  Hack it to the point
      that it works with our QuickStart document.
    * examples/Makefile (%.html, %.pdf,, realclean, distclean)
      (fullclean): Adapt to work with .muse extension.
    * examples/QuickStart.muse: Rename from QuickStart.  This makes it
      automatically get colorized as a Muse document when opened.
    * lisp/muse-xml.el: Move from experimental.
      (muse-xml-footer): Use correct ending tag.
      (muse-xml-markup-strings): Make emdash publish as " -- " to avoid an
      annoying error regarding "&mdash;" when validating with nxml-mode.
      rule and fn-sep should use the empty form of the HR tag.
    * README: Fix directions for QuickStart.
Commits on Sep 1, 2005
  1. @mwolson

    Add schema for muse-xml, tweak verse formatting, fix goof from last p…

    mwolson authored
    * AUTHORS: Note that Brad Collins authored examples/muse-rnc.
    * README (examples): Mention that other files are here as well.
    * examples/muse-rnc.el: New file that implements a RelaxNG Compact schema
      for use with muse-xml.el.
    * muse-xml.el: Mention the newly-contributed schema from Brad, and that
      muse-xml is in experimental status.
      (muse-xml-markup-regexps): Correct table-munging regexp.
      (muse-xml-markup-strings): Surround each verse line with <line></line>.
      Empty lines are marked up as <line />.
    * muse-html.el (muse-html-markup-strings, muse-xhtml-markup-strings):
    * muse-mode.el (muse-visit-link-default): Make the temporary file
      visiting work as expected.
    * muse-publish.el (muse-publish-markup-verse): Make use of
      'begin-verse-line and 'begin-last-stanza-line.  Use
      'end-last-stanza-line instead of 'last-stanza-end.
    * muse.texi (Verse): Be a bit more clever with our example.
Commits on Jun 25, 2005
  1. @mwolson

    Make installation of manual when not using Debian go smoothly.

    mwolson authored
    * Makefile.defs (INSTALLINFO): New variable that specifies what command
      and options are to be used when insinuating the Muse documentation into
      the Info menu.
    * Makefile (install): Make use of INSTALLINFO.
    * README (Installation): Give directions for changing INSTALLINFO on a
      Debian system and changing where Muse is installed.
    * muse.texi: Ditto.
Commits on Jun 23, 2005
  1. @mwolson

    Minor doc changes and code prettification.

    mwolson authored
    * AUTHORS: Note that YH's assignment is in the mail.
    * README (scripts): Explain better the contents of the `scripts'
    * lisp/muse-wiki.el (muse-wiki-wikiword-regexp): Split long line.
Commits on Jun 22, 2005
  1. @mwolson

    Tell people where to find on-line version of manual.

    mwolson authored
    * README: Add on-line locations for manual.
    * muse.texi: Remove @include directive.  This makes generating a PDF of
      this documentation a lot easier.
    * muse.texi (Preface): Add on-line locations for manual.
Commits on Jun 20, 2005
  1. @mwolson

    Tweak documentation thoroughly; still incomplete.

    mwolson authored
    * README: Minor tweaks.
    * muse.texi: Massively rename chapters so that the titles are more
      descriptive.  Clean up grammar.
    * muse.texi (Obtaining Muse): Move content of Installation node here,
      stripping out any customization tips, since those are covered later.
      Re-work this chapter since I was dissatisfied with it.
    * muse.texi (Installation): This node has the content of README regarding
      installation, which fits the title of the node much better than the
      previous content.
    * muse.texi (Blosxom): Turn the sections of this section into
    * muse.texi (Getting Help and Reporting Bugs): Turn this into a list.  I
      like lists!
    * muse.texi (History): Add a "2005" item.
Commits on Jun 19, 2005
  1. @mwolson

    Make Muse installable and correct an Emacs21 issue.

    mwolson authored
    * Makefile (.PRECIOUS): Indicate that .info and .html files in this
      directory will be generated.
      (all): Compile by default.
      (doc): Refactor into individual generation rules for .html and .info
      (install): New rule that installs Muse source code, compiled .elc
      files, and the manual into proper places.
    * Makefile.defs (ELISPDIR, INFODIR): Correct minor goof-up.
    * README (Insinuation): Move old content of Installation here.
      (Installation): Fill out this section.
      (Further Documentation): Add link to my website and note that a full
      manual is included with Muse.
    * lisp/Makefile (EL): Populate with .el files.
      (install): New rule that installs both .elc and .el files.
    * lisp/muse-texinfo.el (muse-texinfo-info-generate): If we're running
      Emacs21, hack in a handler for the @documentencoding tag so that it
      doesn't error out.
  2. @mwolson

    Move lisp files to `lisp' directory; hack on Makefiles, XEmacs compat.

    mwolson authored
    * AUTHORS: Update entry.
    * muse-*.el: Move to the lisp directory.
    * lisp/Makefile: New file containing rules to test and compile the
    * Makefile.defs: New file that contains common definitions for all other
      Makefiles, such as Emacs command to use.
    * Makefile: Move lisp-specific rules to lisp/Makefile.
      (SUBDIRS): New variable containing subdirectories to clean.
    * README: Update to reflect new location of source files.  Give updated
      directions for compiling with XEmacs.
    * examples/Makefile (.PRECIOUS): Added to denote which type of files to
      (%.html): Pass SITEFLAG as an environment variable to
    * examples/QuickStart (The): Re-add the stray <comment> tag since it
      seems to be needed to keep the process from failing.  This has *got* to
      be a bug in Muse, but I don't want to deal with it now.
    * lisp/muse-colors.el (muse-make-faces): Bind newsym locally.
    * lisp/muse-convert.el: Move line to commentary section.
    * lisp/muse-latex.el (muse-latex-markup-table): Note that the
      locally-bound `type' variable isn't used here.
    * lisp/muse-mode.el (muse-index-as-string): Remove unused `file' binding.
    * lisp/muse-texinfo.el (muse-texinfo-markup-table): Remove unused `field'
    * scripts/muse-build.el (load-path): Correct paths.
    * scripts/muse-build.el (muse-elint-files): Add a few variables here so
      as to avoid spurious warnings.
    * scripts/publish (style): Make use of SITEFLAG environment variable, if
      it exists.
    * lisp/muse.el (muse-line-end-position, muse-line-beginning-position):
      (muse-match-string-no-properties): New functions that take the place of
      `line-end-position', `line-beginning-position', and
      `match-string-no-properties', respectively.
    * examples/johnw/muse-johnw.el (muse-my-html-insert-contents)
      (muse-my-journal-find-entries): Use Muse-specific version of
      `match-string-no-properties', `line-beginning-position', and
      `line-end-position' since these do not exist in XEmacs.
    * lisp/muse-colors.el (muse-colors-emphasized, muse-colors-region)
      (muse-colors-custom-tags, muse-colors-link, muse-colors-title): Ditto.
    * lisp/muse-convert.el (muse-latex-transform): Ditto.
    * lisp/muse-html.el (muse-html-insert-anchor, muse-html-markup-footnote)
      (muse-html-insert-contents): Ditto.
    * lisp/muse-journal.el (muse-journal-rss-munge-buffer): Ditto.
    * lisp/muse-mode.el (muse-link-at-point, muse-edit-link-at-point): Ditto.
    * lisp/muse-poem.el (muse-poem-prepare-buffer): Ditto.
    * lisp/muse-publish.el (muse-publish-markup-tag)
      (muse-publish-markup-footnote, muse-publish-markup-leading-space)
      (muse-published-buffer-contents): Ditto.
    * scripts/muse-build.el (muse-elint-files): Ditto.
Commits on Jun 18, 2005
  1. @mwolson

    Begin work on Publishing Styles section of manual.

    mwolson authored
    * Makefile (.PHONY): Add "doc" to list.
      (doc): New rule that generates Info and HTML files from muse.texi.
      (dist): Rely on `distclean', not `clean'.
    * examples/QuickStart (Authoring mode): Remove empty section.
    * muse.texi: Call this program "the Emacs Muse" in title.
      (Publishing Styles): Begin to populate section.
      (Deriving Styles): First subsection of Publishing Styles.
      (Contributors): Remove spurious copyright section, since we address
      this in the title.
    * README: Actually remember to add this file.
Commits on Jun 15, 2005
  1. @mwolson

    Makefile refactoring.

    mwolson authored
    * Makefile (.PHONY): List all non-file targets.
      (examples): New rule that calls Make in the examples directory.
      (atranslit): Removed, since this isn't (yet) bundled with Muse.
    * README: Move to the examples directory.  I'd prefer to distribute a
      very basic plain text README and use this as a quickstart + markup
      example + publishing example.
    * examples/Makefile: Move all README-related rules here.
    * examples/README: Add an "About this document" section.  
    * scripts/publish (style): Do not include the contrib directory, since we
      don't use any code from there.  Since this is only invoked from the
      examples directory, make sure add the parent directory to the load
    * muse.texi: Change version to 3.00.90 (RC1).
    * muse.el: Change location of the README file in header.
    * muse.el (muse-version): Update to 3.00.90 (RC1).
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