Commits on Aug 13, 2006
  1. @mwolson

    Make second release candidate (3.02.92) available.

    * lisp/muse-publish.el (muse-publish-markup-url): Pass original URL as an
      argument.  This fixes the "nil" description for bare URLs that was in
      3.02.91.  Nothing like finding a bug just after completing the
      announcement of a release.
    * lisp/muse.el (muse-version): Set version to 3.02.92 (3.03 RC2).
    mwolson committed Aug 13, 2006
Commits on Aug 12, 2006
  1. @mwolson

    Really put autoloads in the right place.

    mwolson committed Aug 12, 2006
  2. @mwolson

    Make sure the autoloads file is distributed with releases.

    * Makefile: (realclean fullclean): Call realclean in subdirs, not
      (distclean): Don't call realclean, since this would wipe out our
      autoloads file.
      (dist): Use correct path to autoloads file.
    * lisp/Makefile (distclean): Do the same thing as "clean", not
    mwolson committed Aug 12, 2006
  3. @mwolson

    More of the same.

    * experimental/Makefile (.PHONY): Don't use line continuations.
    mwolson committed Aug 12, 2006
  4. @mwolson

    Minor Makefile tweak.

    * Makefile (.PHONY): Don't use line continuations.
    mwolson committed Aug 12, 2006
  5. @mwolson

    Catch up with NEWS items.

    * NEWS: Catch up with the latest changes.
    * lisp/muse-project.el (muse-project-ignore-regexp)
      (muse-project-recurse-directory): Docfix.
      (muse-project-of-file): Try the ignored files regexp against the base
      filename as well as the entire path.
    * lisp/muse-publish.el: (muse-publish-markup-header-footer-tags): Sync
      lisp tag with the latest changes.
    mwolson committed Aug 12, 2006
  6. @mwolson

    If style is used twice, prompt for the directory.

    * lisp/muse-publish.el (muse-publish-get-style): If the same style is
      used to publish to two different directories, prompt the user for which
      directory to use.
    mwolson committed Aug 12, 2006
  7. @mwolson

    Miscellaneous clean-ups.

    * NEWS: Catch up through patch-120.
    * lisp/muse.el: Use defalias whenever convenient.
    * lisp/muse-project.el (muse-project-get-applicable-style): Indentation
    * lisp/muse-publish.el (muse-publish-url): Pass the `explicit' arg to fix
      a byte compiler warning.
    mwolson committed Aug 12, 2006
  8. @mwolson

    Make implicit URL descriptions publish better.

    * lisp/muse-publish.el (muse-publish-this-file): Display message
      if the buffer is not associated with any file, so that we avoid
      errors later on.
      (muse-publish-url-desc): New function taken from muse-publish-url
      that causes a URL description to be transformed.
      (muse-publish-url): Call muse-publish-url-desc on either the
      description or the original URL if it will be used as a
      description.  Accept the original URL as an argument, in case it
      was transformed earlier.
      (muse-publish-insert-url): Pass original URL as an argument.
      (muse-publish-markup-link): Make this somewhat easier to follow.
      Pass original URL as argument.
    mwolson committed Aug 12, 2006
Commits on Aug 11, 2006
  1. @mwolson

    Commit ChangeLog file.

    mwolson committed Aug 11, 2006
  2. @mwolson

    muse-latex2png: Parametrize and create subdirectory when needed.

    * lisp/muse-latex2png.el Rename all functions to have a "muse-latex2png"
      prefix.  Turn all variables into customizable options in the
      muse-latex2png group.
      (muse-latex2png-img-dest): New option specifying where to place the
      (muse-latex2png-template): New option containing the template to use
      for the surrounding LaTeX code.
      (muse-latex2png-use-xhtml): New option that toggles strict XHTML
      (muse-latex2png-move2pubdir): Avoid multiple redundant error messages
      when something else goes wrong.  Create the image subdirectory if it
      doesn't exist already -- thanks to Christian Straßer for the report.
      Expand the filename properly.
      (muse-publish-latex-tag, muse-latex2png): Ditto on error messages and
      filename expansion.
      (muse-latex2png): Use the "muse-latex2png" prefix by default.  Set the
      default directory properly.
    mwolson committed Aug 11, 2006
Commits on Aug 10, 2006
  1. @mwolson

    Make centered captioned images work for XHTML.

    * lisp/muse-html.el (muse-html-markup-strings)
      (muse-xhtml-markup-strings): Use a smarter method for table centering
      that works with XHTML.
    mwolson committed Aug 10, 2006
  2. @mwolson

    Fix issue with table of contents and derived html styles.

    * lisp/muse-html.el (muse-html-finalize-buffer): Since the html style
      does not derive from any other class, return `t' here.  This, along
      with the corresponding change to muse-publish.el, fixes a problem with
      the table of contents getting inserted multiple times for custom
      html-based styles.
    * lisp/muse-publish.el (muse-style-run-hooks): Make sure that we do not
      run the same function twice.
    mwolson committed Aug 10, 2006
Commits on Aug 9, 2006
  1. @mwolson

    Trim whitespace from table fields.

    * lisp/muse-publish.el (muse-publish-table-fields): Trim whitespace from
      fields once we have split them up.
    * lisp/muse.el (muse-trim-whitespace): New function that strips leading
      and trailing whitespace from a string.
    mwolson committed Aug 9, 2006
  2. @mwolson

    Try to fix image centering with long captions issue.

    * lisp/muse-html.el (muse-html-markup-strings, muse-xhtml-markup-string):
      Cause table definition that contains image to be center-aligned.  This
      should fix an issue with images not being centered when captions are
      very long.
    mwolson committed Aug 9, 2006
Commits on Aug 8, 2006
  1. @mwolson

    Fix bug introduced in last patch.

    * lisp/muse-colors.el (muse-colors-explicit-link): Fix recently
      introduced wrong-type-argument error.
    mwolson committed Aug 8, 2006
  2. @mwolson

    Publish captions for images that have descriptions.

    * lisp/muse-colors.el (muse-colors-lisp-tag): Use a simpler regexp to
      match the tags.
      (muse-colors-explicit-link): Show images in link descriptions if
      inlined images are enabled.
    * lisp/muse-docbook.el (muse-docbook-markup-strings): Add definitions for
      'image-with-desc, 'image, and 'image-link.
      (muse-docbook-markup-paragraph): If an inlined image begins a
      paragraph, insert <para> before it.
      (muse-docbook-fixup-images): New function that upper-cases the "format"
      attribute of the <imagedata> tag.
      (muse-docbook-finalize-buffer): Call it.
    * lisp/muse-html.el (muse-html-markup-strings): Publish images with
      descriptions as centered tables, with a centered caption underneath.
      The resulting look is consistent with the way that they are published
      in the LaTeX style.  Thanks to Jody Klymak for the suggestion.
      (muse-xhtml-markup-strings): Ditto, but XHTML apparently has no valid
      way to center a table.
      (muse-html-markup-paragraph): Use class="image" instead of "image-link"
      for paragraphs that start with an embedded image.
    * lisp/muse-latex.el (muse-latex-fixup-dquotes): Go to beginning of
      document, instead of relying on caller to do this for us.
    * lisp/muse-publish.el (muse-publish-url): Use 'image instead of
      'image-link and 'image-link in place of 'url-with-image.  Separate the
      image file from its extension so that docbook and texinfo can publish
      images correctly.
      (muse-publish-markup-link): Don't force a description if one is not
      given.  This fixes a bug where images without descriptions were being
      published as 'image-with-desc instead of 'image.
    * lisp/muse-texinfo.el (muse-texinfo-markup-strings): Improve image
      markup to achieve an effect similar to that of the LaTeX publishing
      style.  Simplify 'url string.
    * lisp/muse.el (muse-replace-regexp-in-string): Save match data when we
      have to use the custom version of this function.
    * muse.texi (Images): Explain how to toggle inlining of images and give
      better examples.  Mention captions and that captioned images should not
      be used inside of text paragraphs.
      (Markup Strings): Bring up-to-date with the changes made since 3.02.
    mwolson committed Aug 8, 2006
Commits on Aug 7, 2006
  1. @mwolson

    Use separate escaping for embedded images.

    * NEWS: Update through patch-95.
    * lisp/muse-latex.el (muse-latex-markup-specials-url): Use
      \textbackslash{} for "\".  Thanks to Jim Ottaway for the suggestion.
      (muse-latex-markup-specials-image): New option that enables escaping of
      specials in images.  This was split from the URL specials.
      (muse-latex-decide-specials): Handle 'image context.
    * lisp/muse-publish.el (muse-publish-escape-specials): Document 'image
      (muse-publish-url): Use 'image context for images.
    * lisp/muse-texinfo.el (muse-texinfo-decide-specials): Treat images the
      same as URLs.
    * lisp/muse-xml-common.el (muse-xml-decide-specials): Ditto.
    mwolson committed Aug 7, 2006
Commits on Aug 6, 2006
  1. @mwolson

    Fix #5359: Word wrap ignores definition lists.

    * lisp/muse-colors.el (muse-colors-tags): Allow <lisp> to take
      (muse-colors-lisp-tag): Figure out where the <lisp> tag and its
      delimiter are instead of hard-coding it.
    * lisp/muse-mode.el (muse-mode): Make filling definition lists work
      better.  This should fix #5359.
    * NEWS: Update through patch-84.
    mwolson committed Aug 6, 2006
  2. @mwolson

    Fix bug #6399; designate this 3.02.91 (RC2).

    * ChangeLog.1: Rename from ChangeLog.2004 to comply with standards in the
      Emacs source tree.
    * ChangeLog.2: Rename from ChangeLog.2005 to comply with standards in the
      Emacs source tree.
    * ChangeLog.3: New file created from the old ChangeLog.
    * Makefile.defs (VERSION): Set to 3.02.91.
    * NEWS: Update through patch-70.
    * lisp/muse.el (muse-version): Set to 3.02.91.
    * lisp/muse-mode.el (muse-insert-thing): Qualify "tag".
    * lisp/muse-publish.el (muse-style-run-hooks): Use `muse-style-element'
      instead of `muse-get-keyword' here.  This should fix #6399.
    * muse.texi: Set version to 3.02.91 (3.02 RC2).
    mwolson committed Aug 6, 2006
  3. @mwolson

    Make command, lisp, perl, python, and ruby tags interpret "markup".

    * lisp/muse-publish.el (muse-publish-markup-tags): Permit <lisp> to take
      the "markup" argument.
      (muse-publish-markup-attribute): New macro that interprets the "markup"
      (muse-publish-lisp-tag, muse-publish-command-tag): Use
      (muse-publish-command-tag): Make sure we have a newline at end of
      (muse-publish-perl-tag, muse-publish-python-tag)
      (muse-publish-ruby-tag): Pass remaining attributes to
      muse-publish-command-tag so that the "markup" attribute works.
      (muse-publish-include-tag): Use muse-publish-markup-attribute.
    * muse.texi (Tag Summary): Document changes to tags.
    mwolson committed Aug 6, 2006
  4. @mwolson

    Implement <perl>, <python>, and <ruby> tags.

    * lisp/muse-publish.el (muse-publish-markup-tags): Add <perl>, <python>,
      and <ruby> tags.
      (muse-publish-command-tag): Code indentation.
      (muse-publish-perl-tag): New function that publishes a <perl> tag.
      (muse-publish-python-tag): New function that publishes a <python> tag.
      (muse-publish-ruby-tag): New function that publishes a <ruby> tag.
    * muse.texi (Tag Summary): Document <perl>, <python>, and <ruby>.
    * examples/johnw/publish-johnw: Add explanatory comment.
    mwolson committed Aug 6, 2006
  5. @mwolson

    Tweak build system.

    * Makefile, Makefile.defs, contrib/Makefile, experimental/Makefile:
      lisp/Makefile: Make the build system more abstract so that it can be
      easily re-used in other Emacs Lisp programs.
    * examples/mwolson/muse-init.el: Update.
    mwolson committed Aug 6, 2006
Commits on Aug 5, 2006
  1. @mwolson

    Rename muse-convert-latex.el to muse-import-latex.el.

    * lisp/muse-import-latex.el: Rename from muse-convert-latex.el.  Rename
      all functions as well.
    mwolson committed Aug 5, 2006
Commits on Jul 29, 2006
  1. @mwolson

    Manual: Update mailing list info.

    * muse.texi (Releases): Update mailing list info.
      (Implicit Links): Fix use of future tense.
      (Getting Help and Reporting Bugs): Update mailing list info.
    mwolson committed Jul 29, 2006
  2. @mwolson

    Mention both Ubuntu and Debian throughout.

    * Makefile.defs, README, muse.texi: Mention Ubuntu wherever Debian is
    mwolson committed Jul 29, 2006
Commits on Jul 27, 2006
  1. @mwolson

    Fix #5899: muse-follow-name-at-mouse breaks mouse-yank-at-point.

    * lisp/muse-mode.el (muse-follow-name-at-mouse): Restore the point before
      calling the fallback keybinding.  This fixes #5899.
    * lisp/muse-publish.el (muse-publish-escape-specials): Docfix.
      (muse-publish-mark-link): Docfix.
      (muse-link-specials): Docfix.
    mwolson committed Jul 27, 2006
  2. @mwolson

    Make C-c C-t publish the current file in a more sensible way.

    * lisp/muse-mode.el (muse-mode-map): Make C-c C-t call
      muse-project-publish-this-file instead of muse-publish-this file.  Make
      C-c C-T call the latter.
      (muse-browse-result): Use `muse-project-get-applicable-styles'.
      (muse-follow-name-at-point): Docfix.
    * lisp/muse-project.el (muse-project-get-applicable-style): New function
      that prompts the user for a style if more than one style applies to the
      given file.
      (muse-project-publish-this-file): New function that publishes the
      currently-visited file according to `muse-project-alist', prompting if
      more than one style applies.
    * lisp/muse-publish.el (muse-publish-this-file): Docfix.
    * muse.texi (Keystroke Summary): Update for the changes made.  C-c C-c
      was not previously documented.
    mwolson committed Jul 27, 2006
  3. @mwolson

    Implement interactive insertion of URLs.

    * lisp/muse-mode.el (muse-insert-map): Add binding for muse-insert-url.
      (muse-insert-thing): Add text for URL to prompt.
      (muse-insert-relative-link-to-file): Docfix, style fix.
      (muse-insert-url): New function that reads a URL and description from
      the user.
    * muse.texi (Keystroke Summary): Mention insert-url keybinding.
    mwolson committed Jul 27, 2006
  4. @mwolson

    Make escaping of brackets in links work properly.

    * lisp/muse-colors.el (muse-colors-explicit-link): If the link has
      escaped characters, display them unescaped.
    * lisp/muse-mode.el (muse-make-link): Handle case where we are given no
      (muse-edit-link-at-point): Unescape the link before presenting it to
      the user for editing.
    * lisp/muse-publish.el (muse-publish-escape-specials-in-string): Minor
      coding style fix.
      (muse-publish-url): Unescape the link description before doing further
      transforms on it.  The link has already been unescaped.
    * lisp/muse.el (muse-sort-by-rating): Minor coding style fix.
      (muse-escape-specials-in-string): New function that escapes specials in
      a string.  This differs from Muse's other specials-escaping routines in
      that it replaces strings rather than characters, and is reversible if
      the specials are defined properly.
      (muse-replace-regexp-in-string): Docfix.
      (muse-link-specials): New variable containing the specials that Muse
      uses to handle syntactic issues with link text.  Namely: brackets.  The
      percent sign must also be escaped since it is used in the escaped text.
      (muse-link-escape, muse-link-unescape): Call
      muse-escape-specials-in-string.  Embarrassingly, these functions
      previously had no effect before.
    mwolson committed Jul 27, 2006
Commits on Jul 9, 2006
  1. @mwolson

    Make space around emdash optional.

    * lisp/muse-publish.el (muse-publish-markup-regexps): Make space around
      emdash optional.
    mwolson committed Jul 9, 2006
Commits on Jul 8, 2006
  1. @mwolson

    muse-latex: Make publishing of <contents> tags optional.

    * lisp/muse-html.el (muse-html-insert-contents): Use nreverse rather than
      reverse for a minor speed boost.
    * lisp/muse-latex.el (muse-latex-header, muse-latexcjk-header): Only
      insert a table of contents when muse-latex-permit-contents-tag is nil.
      (muse-latexcjk-header): Make comments do the right thing.
      (muse-latex-permit-contents-tag): New option that specifies whether we
      should take action on the <contents> tag.
      (muse-latex-finalize-buffer): If muse-latex-permit-contents-tag is
      non-nil, publish a table of contents in the place where the <contents>
      tag is.
    * muse.texi (LaTeX): Bring up-to-date with new options.
    mwolson committed Jul 8, 2006
Commits on Jul 4, 2006
  1. @mwolson

    Fix publishing bug introduced in last patch.

    * lisp/muse-project.el (muse-current-output-style): New variable that
      holds the output style that is currently being used to publish a file.
      (muse-project-page-file): When a subdirectory is used, only record
      matches.  Sort using matches, not entire list.
      (muse-project-resolve-link): Docfix.
      (muse-project-current-output-style): New function that returns the
      current output style.
      (muse-project-link-page): Use the local output style, not the other
      kind of style.
      (muse-project-publish-file): Set muse-current-output-style.
    * lisp/muse-wiki.el (muse-wiki-resolve-project-page): Use
    mwolson committed Jul 4, 2006
  2. @mwolson

    Make links to files in subdirectories work.

    * lisp/muse-project.el (muse-project-alist-styles): Fix stray comment.
      (muse-project-page-file): Change to a defun.  Handle files with the
      same name but in different directories.  Handle case where a
      subdirectory is given in a link.
      (muse-project-choose-style-by-link-suffix): Move from muse-wiki.el.
      (muse-project-applicable-styles): Sort entries according to how late in
      the string the match for the include regexp occurs.
      (muse-project-resolve-link): Moved from muse-wiki.el.  Strip
      subdirectory from page because we have already determined the correct
      (muse-project-link-page): New function that resolves a link to a page
      in the same project.
    * lisp/muse-publish.el (muse-publish-link-page): Simple wrapper for
      (muse-publish-classify-url): Use muse-publish-link-page.
    * lisp/muse-regexps.el (muse-file-regexp): Don't match subdirectory
    * lisp/muse-wiki.el (muse-wiki-choose-style-by-link-suffix)
      (muse-wiki-resolve-project-page-1): Move to muse-project.el.
      (muse-wiki-resolve-project-page): Use muse-project-resolve-link.
    * lisp/muse.el (muse-collect-alist): New function that is like assoc, but
      returns a list of matches.
      (muse-sort-with-closure): New convenience macro for using `sort' with a
      closure argument.
      (muse-sort-by-rating): New function that takes a rating list and sorts
      it, discarding the rating.
    * muse.texi (Projects): Mention that you can use regexps in place of
      directory names in project entries.  Caught that when source-diving.
    mwolson committed Jul 4, 2006
Commits on Jul 3, 2006
  1. @mwolson

    Fix publishing of blank table fields.

    * lisp/muse-regexps.el (muse-table-field-regexp): Make publishing blank
      fields work properly.
    mwolson committed Jul 3, 2006