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Mathjax #3

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From: Michael Olson mwolson@gnu.org
Subject: Re: [Muse-el-discuss] Muse and mathjax
To: Leo Butler l.butler@cmich.edu, Alex Ott alexott@gmail.com
Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2012 19:34:47 -0800 (16 hours, 15 minutes, 51 seconds ago)

[1 year later, after going through some Emacs settings]

Leo, want to submit a pull request to Alex?

On Tue, Nov 22, 2011 at 8:27 AM, Leo Butler l.butler@cmich.edu wrote:

Michael Olson mwolson@gnu.org writes:

On Mon, Nov 21, 2011 at 10:17 AM, Leo Butler l.butler@cmich.edu wrote:

Michael Olson mwolson@gnu.org writes:

You may want to put the content of muse-latex2mathjax.el inside of
muse-latex.el instead, and drop the new file.

mathjax-html is a style derived from html, so it probably makes sense to
put the style & header bits into muse-html.el. On the other hand, the
delimiters and associated functions could go into muse-latex2png.el,
since they directly affect the operations there. Although that file
would be ill-named.

I'll make whichever changes you prefer.

That's true. Maybe a muse-mathjax.el file is called for instead,
then, instead of "latex2mathjax". I think I'd prefer for the
delimiter vars/fun to be in muse-latex.el.

I have made the changes you suggested. The HEAD of the mathjax branch
at git://github.com:leo-butler/muse.git has those changes in it. I have
also put in some documentation, too.

Attached are patch files to add this code and the documentation to the
current HEAD of master. Leo

leo-butler added some commits Nov 19, 2011

@leo-butler leo-butler initial commit of muse-latex2mathjax.el:
This provides an infrastructure for muse-publish-{latex,math}-tag to publish html using MathJaX. In addition, it defines a derived style mathjax-html derived from html.

We have also abstracted some of the decisions in muse-latex2png.el concerning the substition of tags.
@leo-butler leo-butler minor edits to correct typos in first commit b21047f
@leo-butler leo-butler simplified name of delimiters
added muse-mathjax-configuration variable and altered muse-mathjax-html-header definition
@leo-butler leo-butler corrected email, modified defvar and defcustom 87f23e0
@leo-butler leo-butler corrected placement of the mathjax configuration in the header 0664822
@leo-butler leo-butler renamed lisp/muse-latex2mathjax.el to lisp/muse-mathjax.el bb8e841
@leo-butler leo-butler Moved delimiter code into muse-latex.el from muse-mathjax.el;
removed muse-latex2mathjax group
changed muse-mathjax-html group to muse-mathjax to match file name;
added muse-xhtml style and associated header;
corrected my email address.

See discussion beginning with gmane.emacs.muse.general:1627.
@leo-butler leo-butler added documentation in texi/muse.texi for mathjax support b693185

alexott commented Dec 3, 2012

thank you very much Leo! I'll review code over next days, and will merge...

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