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This is code to implement bots that predict Formula One results. The rules come from the prediction game at . Currently there are three things implemented:

  • A scraper which extracts race results from 2005-2011 from Wikipedia to an H2 embedded database
  • A framework to write predictors
  • A random predictor and my predictor


Uses commons.pdp7 from

Checkout URL:
Readonly: git://

The scraper

You can find it in net.pdp7.f1.prediction.scraper.WikipediaScraper . It uses HTMLUnit and it’s fairly simple; fortunately results formatting in Wikipedia are fairly stable. It writes to a database with this schema .

There are some tests in the test folder which you can use to store scraping results in an H2 file.

The framework

It’s located in net.pdp7.f1.prediction.predictors

It has:

  • Predictor , which contains the main predictor interface and Prediction and Entrant nested classes (an Entrant is a driver/team pairing). A Predictor returns a Prediction based on a List of @Entrant@s, and which race it is (season, round, circuit).
  • PredictionScorer, which evaluates a Prediction according to the contest rules
  • PredictorPastEvaluator which runs a Predictor against all scraped results and evaluates it

The scrapers

We have RandomPredictor which is well, random… and my predictor , which uses past results to make a prediction.

Take a look at the tests for ways to work with your own @Predictor@s.