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description: "Hi there! I’m a CTO, founder, software engineer, speaker, blogger and coach."
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<div class="container">
<div class='intro'>
<h1 class='intro__title'>
Hi there
<img class='hand' src='/assets/images/homepage/hand-wave.png'>!<br>
I’m Alex Peattie
<p class='intro__blurb'>I’m a CTO, founder, software engineer, speaker, blogger, coach and proud Welshman!</p>
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<img class='intro__headshot' src='/assets/images/homepage/alex-sketched.png'>
<h2>The story so far...</h2>
<h3 class='role'>
<span class='role__dates'>(2015 — 2021)</span>
<div class='role_figure_r'>
<img src='/assets/images/homepage/peg-team.jpg' class='role_figure_r__image'>
<p>I co-founded and co-ran
<a href=''>Peg</a>
- a B2B software platform to help top brands &amp; agencies work with influencers - for five years. It was incredible journey - we worked with over 2,000 companies worldwide, assembled a fantastic team and raised $2M from angel investors. At our peak I managed up to a dozen direct reports and a technology budget of ~$400k annually.</p>
<p>Peg also offered up plenty of interesting technical challenges. The platform had to track and intelligently rank more than 2 million influencers, tag many billions of photos and videos, and use natural language processing to identify influencers mentioning brands. In 2021, Peg's platform was acquired by
<a href=''>Current</a>, an influencer marketing outfit based in the US.</p>
<h3 class='role'>
<span class='role__dates'>(2013 — 2014)</span>
<p>Shortly after it was founded, I joined
<a href=''>Makers</a>
(or Makers Academy as it was known at the time) as a Senior Coach responsible for the second half of the course. I was responsible for running the course's second half focusing on web technologies including Ruby on Rails, SQL and JavaScript.</p>
<p>It was fun to design a curriculum covering such a breadth of material in just a few weeks, and to teach so many incredible students, who have gone on to jobs at the likes of Facebook, GDS, Thoughtbot, Pusher, Pivotal Labs and Amazon.</p>
<h3 class='role'>
<span class='role__dates'>(2006 — present)</span>
<p>For almost a decade and a half, I've acted as a consulting software engineer or (more recently) interim CTO for a wide range of clients - from Fortune 500 companies, to early stage startups, to charities and NGOs. I also spent a year working on-site with GrubWithUs (now
<a href=''>GOAT</a>) in Venice Beach. If you'd like to work together,
<a href=''>drop me a line</a>.</p>