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CT DMV Wait Times 🚗


I noticed the CT DMV website offers wait time information but it doesn't do it in a time series format. This means we can only see a "snapshot" of wait times at the current moment, but can't evaluate any patterns over time. I built a simple app to store this wait time data over time, serve it over an API , and visualize it on a webapp.


Tech stack

  • Deployment: Heroku
  • Data scraping: requests job every 5 minutes via Heroku Scheduler
  • Backend: Python django serving REST APIs via djangorestframework
  • Frontend: Vue.js, Chart.js



The API is available using the following endpoints:

  • /api/wait_times/

The raw wait time data, where each record represents a "wait time entry". A wait time entry is a particular wait time snapshot for a given branch and a given service service.

  • /api/wait_times/<monthly|weekly|daily>/

The aggregated wait time data, where the frequencies available are monthly, weekly and daily. This returns mean wait times, or the number of people, waiting over a typical month (daily averages), a typical week (weekday averages), or a typical day (5-minute averages).


All API endpoints accept the following filters as GET parameters:

weekday: int (0: Monday, 7: Sunday)

branch: str (branch name, case insensitive contains)

service: str (service name, case insensitive contains)

date_before: str (subset data before, format: YYYY-MM-DD)

date_after: str (subset data after, format: YYYY-MM-DD)


Example query: transactions&date_after=2019-10-10&date_before=2019-10-24&weekday=3


Raw data

If you would like to download the raw data, you can query the API directly. There are two additional GET parameters you can use:

format (csv, json)

page_size (0 to 5,000)


Example query: transactions&date_after=2019-10-10&date_before=2019-10-24&format=csv&page_size=5000

(Note the final two parameters)

All timestamps are returned in UTC time (generally this is 4 or 5 hours before UTC time).



This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license. You can read more in the LICENSE file.

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