Examples for the first three chapters for my book "Learning AngularJS for .Net Developers"
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Examples for the concepts introduced in the first three chapters from my book "Learning AngularJS for .Net Developers" available to order here.
There is another repository with the main application example from the same book covering the last three chapters available at github.com/popalexandruvasile/rentthatbike.
There are two blog posts introducing this book:
Announcing my upcoming book "Learning AngularJS for .NET developers"
Free sample chapter "Testing and Debugging AngularJS Applications" from my recently launched book

#Examples index
##Chapter 1: Introducing AngularJS All examples apart from Example 1 are showcasing AngularJS components and patterns.
###Fundamentals Example 1 - typical jQuery based form. Source, plnkr
Example 2 - AngularJS version of the jQuery based form with no JavaScript. Source, plnkr
Example 3 - Introducing the controller. Source, plnkr
Example 4 - Introducing the application module. Source, plnkr
Example 5 - Application module using IIFE. Source, plnkr
Example 6 - The revealing module pattern. Source, plnkr
Example 7 - Explicit dependency injection. Source, plnkr
Example 8 - Form with two controllers. Source, plnkr
Example 9 - Form with with two controllers with a service encapsulating redundant code. Source, plnkr
Example 10 - The ngRepeat directive. Source, plnkr
Example 11 - The ngRepeatStart and ngRepeatEnd directives. Source, plnkr
Example 12 - The ngInclude directive. Source, plnkr
###Custom directives Example 13 - Simple custom directive. Source, plnkr
Example 14 - Custom directive with isolated scope. Source, plnkr
Example 15 - Custom directive with isolated scope and scope property. Source, plnkr
###Filters Example 16 - Filters. Source, plnkr
Example 17 - Filters executed in controller. Source, plnkr
Example 18 - Custom filter. Source, plnkr
##Chapter 2: Creating an AngularJS Client-side Application in Visual Studio Example 1 - Chapter1 Example18 is converted to a Visual Studio ASP.NET Empty Web application project. Source
Example 2 - Using NuGet to manage AngularJS packages. Source
Example 3 - Using Bootstrap grid system. Source
Example 4 - AngularJS code organization for medium projects. Source
Example 5 - AngularJS code organization for larger projects. Source
Example 6 - Integration with native browser API and $scope.$apply(). Source
Example 7 - AngularJS routing. Source
##Chapter 3: Creating .NET Web Services for AngularJS Example 1 - A ServiceStack barebones project. Source
Example 2 - Creating web services in ServiceStack and calling them using the C# client. Source
Example 3 - Global request filter in ServiceStack. Source
Example 4 - Dependency injection with ServiceStack and automatic request validation. Source