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Fix incorrect initialization option in documentation. :protocol shoul…

…d be :scheme.
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commit 8e6f19bdf73a9b0f108190da8499a5cc0dbff2dc 1 parent f054c61
@alexrabarts authored
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  1. +1 −1  README.rdoc
2  README.rdoc
@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ Via gem:
=== Initialization Options
-* <code>:url_options</code> -- hash with <code>:host</code>, optionally <code>:port</code> and <code>:protocol</code>
+* <code>:url_options</code> -- hash with <code>:host</code>, optionally <code>:port</code> and <code>:scheme</code>
* <code>:base_url</code> -- string alternative to <code>:url_options</code>, e.g. <code>''</code>
* <code>:url_path</code> -- string path_name to sitemaps folder, defaults to <code>:document_path</code>
* <code>:document_root</code> -- string
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