Conditions hash issues with more than > 1000 rows? #12

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Hey! Love the gem! One issue I'm having is using a conditions hash instead of a string. For example, if I use the conditions hash:

{ :property_id => 1 }

It'll result in two batch finds, the first that works, the second that fails:

{:conditions=>{:property_id=>1}, :limit=>1001, :select=>nil, :include=>nil, :offset=>0, :group=>nil, :order=>nil, :joins=>nil}

{:conditions=>"property_id1 AND (id > 1001)", :limit=>1001, :select=>nil, :include=>nil, :offset=>nil, :group=>nil, :order=>nil, :joins=>nil}

It seems like the issue is the way the id clause for finds is combined with the conditions hash on line 161 of big_sitemap.rb. I'm not exactly sure how to solve this, but I wanted to put it out there.



Responsibility for finding records has now been removed from BigSitemap, as of version 1.0.0, so I'll close this issue. Please see the README for the new syntax.

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