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import pylab
from matplotlib import pylab
from PlotInfo import *
from Bar import *
import sys
import traceback
class StackedBars(PlotInfo):
A stacked bar chart consisting of multiple series of bars with the
same X axis values
def __init__(self):
super(StackedBars,self).__init__("stacked bar")
self.bars = []
self.spacing = None
self.barWidth = None
def _getWidth(self):
numBars = len(self.bars)
if self.barWidth is None or numBars == 0:
return None
return self.barWidth
def _setWidth(self, width):
print >>sys.stderr, ("The 'width' property of StackedBars is "
"deprecated. Set barWidth instead")
self.barWidth = width
width = property(_getWidth, _setWidth)
def add(self, bar):
if not isinstance(bar, Bar):
print >>sys.stderr, "Can only add Bars to a StackedBars"
def _preDraw(self):
if len(self.bars) == 0:
# Pre-draw all bars in the stack before pre-drawing me
for bar in self.bars:
if self.barWidth is None:
self.barWidth = self.bars[0].width
# All bars should have the same width
for bar in self.bars:
bar.width = self.barWidth
# If spacing is set, then ignore the individual bars' xValues.
# Otherwise, treat each bar as a normal bar.
if self.spacing:
self.xValues = [i + i * self.spacing for i in
self.xValues = self.bars[0].xValues
self.yValues = xrange(len(self.xValues))
self.xLimits = (min(self.xValues) - self.barWidth / 2.0,
max(self.xValues) + self.barWidth / 2.0)
if not self.xTickLabels:
self.xTickLabels = self.bars[0].xTickLabels
if not self.xTickLabelPoints:
self.xTickLabelPoints = self.bars[0].xTickLabelPoints
if len(self.xTickLabelProperties) == 0:
self.xTickLabelProperties = self.bars[0].xTickLabelProperties
def draw(self, fig, axis, transform=None):
if len(self.bars) == 0:
return [[], []]
super(StackedBars, self).draw(fig, axis)
return self._draw(axis, transform)
def _draw(self, axis, transform=None):
if transform:
self.xValues = [transform.transform((x,0))[0] for x in self.xValues]
plotHandles = []
plotLabels = []
bottoms = [0 for i in xrange(len(self.xValues))]
for bar in self.bars:
attrs = bar.getAttributes()
attrs['width'] = self.barWidth
currHandle =
self.xValues, bar.yValues, bottom=bottoms, **attrs)
bottoms = [bar.yValues[i] + bottoms[i]
for i in xrange(len(self.xValues))]
return [plotHandles, plotLabels]
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