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Pianogrowl is a Python port of mr-szymanski's growl-pianobar. It is an event listener for pianobar that displays Growl notifications in response to certain events (currently track changes, user login, and various errors).

I decided to rewrite growl-pianobar in Python because:

  • I'm not a huge fan of Bash scripts and thought that the input would be easier to manage in a more feature-rich scripting language.

  • I wanted to store album art in temporary files that are deleted at the end of the script rather than storing them in ~/.config/, and it was quicker for me to re-write it in Python than it would have been to figure out the appropriate incantations in Bash.


Simply add the following to ~/.config/pianobar/config:

 event_command = /path/to/


Pianogrowl is written in pure Python, but it requires growlnotify to do the actual Growl notifications.


In the spirit of mr-szymanski's original, this code is released in the public domain under an Unlicense.

The Pandora logo that the script uses by default was made by Ross Reyman.