A custom Drupal 8 distro. Composer-based. Use to start sites quickly.
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SiteCat 8

SiteCat is a Drupal 8 distribution, that seeks to bundle the most common setup to allow faster web site development, while trying to avoid presuming and standing in the developer's way.

SiteCat is based on the Drupal-project GitHub project.

SiteCat has been adjusted to work with shared hosting. It's web folder contains vendor inside it.

Modules Selection

SiteCat 8 comes with the set of most commonly used modules, that provide such functionality as:

  • Clean paths handling
  • Advanced content handling
  • Layout and site building tools and enhancements
  • Media management
  • Look & Feel enhancements
  • Content editing
  • Security
  • Other modules and themes

As a site developer, I would usually set up all this functionality for each new site afresh every time. Now, it has been bundled to save the development time.

Config Setup

SiteCat 8 has some initial configuration presets out of the box, that seeks to allow the developer to skip the commonly repeated configuration steps. These settings include the following configuration:

  • Roles and permissions
  • Content editing settings
  • URLs handling settings
  • Most common page layout settings
  • Initial configuration of additional modules
  • Many other settings

Those settings have been applied, that are most common.

Base theme

Base theme is a bootsrap subtheme, called BSub8. It has a few most common enhancements, like some initial SASS and Bootsrap libraries added into it, but it remains clean and does not make choices that the developer would have to undo.


There is no content on the site except for the front page, containing this text.

Changes Note

IMPORTANT: This SiteCat 8 is different from other distros in that it's not aiming to provide upgrades, but to only start sites. You can update the site as usual, rather that having to wait till the distro update comes out. At the same time, SiteCat does not keep compatibility with it's previous versions. Every new update of the SiteCat may add or remove themes, modules, and configuration, expecting you to use it create sites, not to update them.

Developer Note

IMPORTANT: This site has some developer presets enabled. Don't forget to disable them when either putting the site on production or sharing with a coworker:

  • Edit the root .gitignore to disallow versioning of settings.php
  • Comment or delete the line that does the verbose error output in settings.php.
  • Enable caching. Check that your twig debugging is disabled.