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@home Server

This repository holds the server files for the @home server.

A platform for independent landlords and tenants, simplifying the inherent complexities of the rental process.

The client is here.

The database is here.

@home is an app designed to help landlords manage rental properties as well as their relationship with respective tenants. We envisioned the app as a responsive website for landlords & tenants to have access whether they are on a computer or a mobile device. Landlords who login can add/update/delete properties, tenants, & documents. They can also update the status of any maintenance requests submitted by tenants. Tenants who login can view their lease agreements, & submit maintenance requests that will go to the landlords for approval & follow-up.

For creating the app we used HTML / CSS / JavaScript / jQuery / Handlebars / Bootstrap / Node-Express / JSON Web Tokens / Heroku / Firebase / PostgreSQL / KNEX / Git & Github.

For workflow, we used We each forked a copy of the repository from the Where the Heart Is organization & then feature branched. Each team member was a collaborator that could stage, commit, push, & pull to the repository. But, any merge of pull requests had to be done by another team member after reviewing changes. Code was written via paired programming.