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Prevent calling CGI.escape on a SafeBuffer #399

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I don't know if this is the right place for this but similar to this issue: rails/rails#1555 when the CGI.escape i.to_s call is made and i is an ActiveSupport::SafeBuffer, then it blows up with a NoMethodError: undefined methodbytesize' for nil:NilClass` error.

This may be overly defensive coding, but using to_s.to_str ensures that whatever CGI.escape sees is surely a string.


Was this inspired by an actual error? I'm having a hard time imagining a situation in which a query option is a SafeBuffer.


Yes it was. But now that you mention it, it does seem like an unlikely situation. Pretty much just a defensive hack. Just something to consider. Thanks!

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  1. +1 −1  lib/geocoder/lookups/base.rb
2  lib/geocoder/lookups/base.rb
@@ -242,7 +242,7 @@ def cache
def hash_to_query(hash)
require 'cgi' unless defined?(CGI) && defined?(CGI.escape)
hash.collect{ |p|
- p[1].nil? ? nil :{ |i| CGI.escape i.to_s } * '='
+ p[1].nil? ? nil :{ |i| CGI.escape i.to_s.to_str } * '='
}.compact.sort * '&'
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