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In version 0.9.8 Changed 'Perimeter' value not being saved. #1061

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When I change the minimum number of perimeters from my current value of 2 to 3 (haven't tried any higher), and then saving the modification to the Print Settings, results in the number of minimum perimeters going back to 2!!! If the setup with 3 perimeters is sliced, only 2 perimeters are done!

Any clues?


Operating system?


This has been plaging slic3r for a while, its probably a bug in whatever control being used.

What usualy fixes it for me is to set my value then modify a few other settings just so the gui sends focus to other controls and then set everything back were you want it THEN save. For some obscure reason this seems to fix it most of the times.

FYI I have windows 7 64 bit. Been having this problem with every version of slic3r I have used.

@alexrj have you tried another type of control for those settings? so far it seems to only affect the fields with arrows up and down to change the value.


@alexrj - I have tried it out on an XP and Windows 7 64b systems. Both give the same result.
@thecrazy - I will give your work-around a try. Thanks.


Just made an interesting observation, don't know if this will give a clue or not.
I physically amended the 'Perimeters' value to 3 in the .ini file and then saved it.
Next I restarted Slic3r and the number of perimeters shown was 3. This indeed then sliced correctly with 3 perimeters.
I then, without shutting Slic3r down, changed the value to 2 and saved the setting. This it did successfully. I then changed the number of perimeters to 4 and again it saved successfully.
All this then worked correctly since manually amending the .ini file!!!

I wonder if the .ini file header may get 'scrambled' somehow? Or there is some other funny associated with it.
This might be a clue to the issue.

@thecrazy - Tried the changing of other parameters before doing the above - no change. I did however notice that the '(modified)' wording did not appear when you just changed the perimeters setting, but did appear when you changed other settings.


Yea I was messing around with it yesterday and it gave me a hard time too. Seems this only happens when manually entering the numbers by hand, if you use only the arrows it seems to save ok.

Others have confirmed this behavior before.


@thecrazy - Well, now that I have 'modified' the .ini file, everything appears to work OK. You can enter a value in the number field or use the arrows. Both then save correctly and the 'fault' appears to not return from then on.

I have tried the 'fix' on both systems of mine and both now work.
Sounds like a fix to me!!!

Any thoughts Alex?


That is weird. I still have the bug so when I'm home I'll try to figure out if something happens to the file attributes, access rights, or something else. It could also be a process that has an open handle on the file.


TheCrazy - I see the same sort of behavior - are you calling slic3r config from Repetier Host by any chance?


Yes I am. Mmm... you think repetier could be hugging the config file? I dont think thats the case, It was happening back when I was still using pronterface and I never close repetier host to fix it. I just fool around with the up and down arrows till it saves.

Ill have to put on my agenda to check those file attributes...


Does this happen on x86 (32 bit) or only on x64 (64 bit)?


For me its under windows 7 64 bit.


@alexrj - I have tried it under XP and Windows 7 32&64 bit.


I'm totally unable to reproduce the issue. I heavily tested on XP 32bit, Windows Server 2003 32bit, Windows Server 2012 64bit. I have no access to a Win7 machine right now.

However, two days ago I experienced the problem myself when using Slic3r 0.9.8 on a (slow) university machine running XP 32bit. It wasn't marking the preset as (modified) when I was lowering the Infill every layers option, thus ignoring the change at save time. So sad I cannot reproduce it on any machine I have easy access to.
I pushed a change to the GUI events to make some things slightly faster, but I really have no clue whether this affects the bug or not.


Well, to throw another spanner into the works......I have just had the exact same problem when trying to amend the number of 'Threads' from 1 to 2.
Again, it would not save the change (and, yes it also failed to mark the preset as (modified)..).
When I amended and saved the .ini file manually, it then started working correctly in Slic3r!!!!!!!!
It's the Bermuda Triangle scenario!!! Where do the 'saves' go?

I'm sure you will get to the bottom of it's not a show stopping problem, just a niggle.

PS the XP machine is an old Toshiba laptop if that's of any help.


There was a file locking issue with TortoiseGIT (or SVN, it's been a while since it happened) but it was a file locking issue with SearchIndexer trying to index files that TortoiseXXX was accessing a lot, really fast.

I don't know what their final fix was but the issue is gone now I'm pretty sure.

The workaround was to tell Search Indexer not to index the folders that contained the .git folder (if I'm not mistaken)

might try Indexing Options, expand the user directory, and unselect all of appdata - I don't think there's any reason anything in there needs to be cataloged for searching.... and if, for those that are experiencing this problem a lot - perhaps you can try it and say whether it fixes the issue at all.


Tracked in #1134

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