Bug: Interface Layers incomplete on support material #1070

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i made some tests completely supporting a small sphere and got a strange pattern on the interface layers of the support material - this is the support-"bowl" (printed in HIPS, btw) after removing the ABS sphere:

Support Material

As shown in the photo, one half of the interface layers combine to a quite smooth solid surface and the other half is perforated - which is also visible in gcode preview... the lines of the interface-layer are spaced by about one extrusion width there.

Debug information:

alexrj commented Jul 31, 2013

Do you have any chance to test this as well with new support material (current git)?
I was going to do that, but noticed there's no STL. :)


Oh, i forgot to attach that STL file. luckily enough, i've kept it safe - so here it is :-)


we are currently processing some support testcases and i'll include this one as well.
Thanks for your work, can't stress that enough :-)


As far as i can tell from my tests yesterday, this issue seems to be resolved with the new support system.
I think it's safe to close this.

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