Illegal division by zero at Slic3r/lib/Slic3r/ line 395 #1086

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Hello all,

I'm using the latest master branch from git with a brand new .Slic3r directory (same problem happens with old configs). On Ubuntu 13.04. For some reason when only trying to output some STL's to GCode, I get the following error:

Illegal division by zero at Slic3r/lib/Slic3r/ line 395

I can't attach the file here, but it is the X-Carriage.stl file from Prusa's single plate from iteration 3.

Here's the affected line:

$gcode .= $self->G1($wipe_path->[$_], undef, $retract->[2] * ($segment_length / $total_wipe_length), $retract->[3] . ";_WIPE");

So, seems to be a problem with "total_wipe_length", which is in turn set as $wipe_path->length a few lines earlier, but not sure where that would be set within the UI / Configs..

tarek : )


This commit in my fork fixes this: ambrop72/Slic3r@1ae8ef5


This appears to fix it for me.


Can you confirm that this is fixed in current HEAD? (Please, run Slic3r with the wipe option both enabled and disabled)

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