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The latest versions of Octoprint have an API that allows you to upload gcode and print it. It would save quite a few steps for those of us who use Octoprint in our work flow if we had a little button that automatically slices and sends it to our printer.


Doesn't seem like it would be hard to do, I would look into doing this my self but my perl is pretty rusty

beanz commented Mar 11, 2014

It might be simplest just to add a post-processing script to send the resulting file to octoprint unless there are more sophisticated use case were thinking of?


Thats a very elegant solution.

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You are awesome

Jerware commented Jan 7, 2015

Curious if connecting to OctoPrint using a port other than 80 works. I am trying to access my OctoPi server remotely using Slic3r 1.2.4, and it's reporting a timeout. In the host field I'm typing my.domain:8100 and I have the universal API key pasted below it.

alexrj commented Jan 7, 2015

The timeout has been extended in 1.2.5-dev.


I would like to try the new upload feature, but I am not sure what to put in the Host or IP: box. I don't know very much about this sort of stuff, so help would be appreciated. Right now I'm putting in (My pi's IP) and 4C50782D1D824590AE53EF0B446D9FD2 (This is the key in the octoprint settings) but it gives me a "I wasn't able to connect to Octoprint" error when I press test.
Thank you!
UPDATE: I have found that simply putting in octopi.local brings up the 405 error when I press test, but the upload function works. It also crashes quite a bit, but I suppose that's expected from a developer version.


i'm seeing the same behavior. i can access the server just fine from a browser using http://octopl.local but using just octopi.local or the ip address in slic3r results in an error.

update: actually, on second inspection, it seems the file is being exported to the printer, so perhaps it's just an issue w/ the browse/test buttons.


I am having same problem. When I try the Test button I get (405 METHOD NOT ALLOWED), but it does actually work to send to printer.

sbliven commented Jan 25, 2015

I'm also getting the 405 Error from the test button but successful print uploads.


Am I just stupid..? i cant find any buttons or settings that allow me to connect to my octoprint from slic3r?? what am i doing wrong... i am using the latest experimental...


Try going into printer settings, there should be a box for your octoprint address and API key.

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