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I have been fighting a problem with perimeter quality. There is a distinct pattern on the outside of objects. Evaluated mechanical, feed and power (by disabling print bed heat during print). No joy. Printed test cube again as a vase and surface quality was fine. No pattern.

Test cube is aligned with X/Y axis and is made up of only 12 triangles. On a perimeter print the X should be constant for an X axis print, same for Y axis. Looking at gcode for test cube (below) they aren't. The numbers after the decimal on the X axis look kind of random. It is possible that the X and Y are not perfectly aligned but if this was the case X should always increase or decrease... not jump about.

; Layer Change 10
G1 X123.392 Y95.725 F18000.000 ; move to first perimeter point
G1 Z2.200 F18000.000 ; restore layer Z
G1 E1.00000 F6000.000 ; compensate retraction
G1 X123.456 Y95.238 E1.01430 F1627.691 ; perimeter
G1 X123.556 Y94.996 E1.02191 ; perimeter -> X is increasing. Could be X not aligned to machine axis
G1 X123.644 Y94.784 E1.02860 ; perimeter
G1 X123.944 Y94.394 E1.04291 ; perimeter
G1 X124.334 Y94.095 E1.05721 ; perimeter
G1 X124.788 Y93.907 E1.07151 ; perimeter
G1 X125.275 Y93.843 E1.08581 ; perimeter
G1 X125.762 Y93.907 E1.10012 ; perimeter
G1 X126.004 Y94.007 E1.10772 ; perimeter
G1 X126.216 Y94.095 E1.11442 ; perimeter
G1 X126.606 Y94.394 E1.12872 ; perimeter
G1 X126.905 Y94.784 E1.14302 ; perimeter
G1 X127.093 Y95.238 E1.15733 ; perimeter -> X is increasing
G1 X127.157 Y95.725 E1.17163 ; perimeter -> X stll increasing
G1 X127.093 Y96.212 E1.18593 ; perimeter -> X decreasing ?
G1 X126.905 Y96.666 E1.20023 ; perimeter -> X goes from 127 to 126 ?
G1 X126.606 Y97.056 E1.21453 ; perimeter
G1 X126.216 Y97.356 E1.22884 ; perimeter
G1 X125.762 Y97.544 E1.24314 ; perimeter -> X goes from 127 to 125?
G1 X125.275 Y97.608 E1.25744 ; perimeter
G1 X124.788 Y97.544 E1.27174 ; perimeter
G1 X124.334 Y97.356 E1.28605 ; perimeter

I'm pretty sure this is what is giving me a ripple pattern on the outside of my test block. I've made a lot of configuration changes lately so I don't exactly know what version of slic3r generated this problem. I will revert to an earlier version and see if problem goes away.

Rolled Slic3r back to version 0.9.1 and broke repetier environment. Ran Slic3r by hand on same cube with same config files and perimeter handling is much different. It is what I would have expected.

G1 F6000.000 E1.00000 ; compensate retraction
G1 X82.589 Y67.411 F2935.820 E1.94198 ; perimeter
G1 X82.589 Y82.589 E2.88396 ; perimeter
G1 X67.411 Y82.589 E3.82595 ; perimeter
G1 X67.411 Y67.531 E4.76048 ; perimeter
G1 X66.643 Y66.643 F18000.000 ; move to first perimeter point
G1 X83.357 Y66.643 F2935.820 E5.79776 ; perimeter
G1 X83.357 Y83.357 E6.83504 ; perimeter
G1 X66.643 Y83.357 E7.87232 ; perimeter
G1 X66.643 Y66.763 E8.90216 ; perimeter
G1 X65.875 Y65.875 F18000.000 ; move to first perimeter point
G1 X84.125 Y65.875 F2201.865 E10.03474 ; perimeter
G1 X84.125 Y84.125 E11.16732 ; perimeter
G1 X65.875 Y84.125 E12.29990 ; perimeter
G1 X65.875 Y65.995 E13.42503 ; perimeter

Strogly suspect it has to do with change made to support Mach3 which I use on my mill.

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Without model (stl) and settings (ini) it's nearly impossible to help you ... Could you upload them somewhere and post a link here?


Thanks for looking at this.Please see files in,340952

I can't find the Grey***** parameter files I reference in my slic3d
configuration. Where are they in windows?


On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 2:17 AM, ledvinap wrote:

Without model (stl) and settings (ini) it's nearly impossible to help you
... Could you upload them somewhere and post a link here?

Reply to this email directly or view it on GitHub

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So, let's try to put some order in this. One problem at time.

Looking at the composition.gcode file you posted, I don't see artifacts or ripples:

schermata 2014-04-30 a 11 19 13

However I see that the spiral_vase option you selected was honored even though the file contains several islands and thus Slic3r should have been stricter and should have ignored your spiral_vase setting. I will fix this. Maybe trying to spiralize an unspiralizable object is the root cause of the issues you see in the printer (it would have been nice if you posted a picture, though).

Regarding any other issue, please open a separate ticket here on GitHub and make sure you provide all the information described in the guidelines so that we can reproduce the results.

@alexrj alexrj added a commit that referenced this issue Apr 30, 2014
@alexrj Make sure spiral vase mode is not enabled for multi-island layers. #1938


alexrj commented Apr 30, 2014

Okay, Slic3r now will not honor the Spiral vase option if a layer can't be spiralized. This is now also covered by a regression test.

@RogerRepRap, should you have further issues do not hesitate to post them (but remember to provide as much information/details/files as possible). Thank you!

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