1.2.0 - Support material error - BoundingBoxBase: Empty point set supplied to constructor #2266

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dlarue commented Sep 9, 2014

Love the new features in Slic3r 1.2.0 but I can't slice an adapter requiring support. When I enable support I get the following in the popup dialog box:

Error in function BoundingBoxBase at src/libslic3r/BoundingBox.cpp:9: Empty point set supplied to BoundingBoxBase constructor
at /home/dlarue/Downloads/3dPrinter/Slic3r/lib/Slic3r/GCode.pm line 399.
Slic3r::GCode::_plan('Slic3r::GCode=HASH(0x4f75950)', 'Slic3r::MotionPlanner=SCALAR(0x32b8620)', 'Slic3r::Point=SCALAR(0x332b448)', 'move to first support material point') called at /home/dlarue/Downloads/3dPrinter/Slic3r/lib/Slic3r/GCode.pm line 388
Slic3r::GCode::travel_to('Slic3r::GCode=HASH(0x4f75950)', 'Slic3r::Point=SCALAR(0x332b448)', 9, 'move to first support material point') called at /home/dlarue/Downloads/3dPrinter/Slic3r/lib/Slic3r/GCode.pm line 268
Slic3r::GCode::_extrude_path('Slic3r::GCode=HASH(0x4f75950)', 'Slic3r::ExtrusionPath::Ref=SCALAR(0x32b8530)', 'support material', 70) called at /home/dlarue/Downloads/3dPrinter/Slic3r/lib/Slic3r/GCode.pm line 251
Slic3r::GCode::extrude_path('Slic3r::GCode=HASH(0x4f75950)', 'Slic3r::ExtrusionPath::Ref=SCALAR(0x32b8530)', 'support material', 70) called at /home/dlarue/Downloads/3dPrinter/Slic3r/lib/Slic3r/GCode/Layer.pm line 133
Slic3r::GCode::Layer::process_layer('Slic3r::GCode::Layer=HASH(0x2dff290)', 'Slic3r::Layer::Support::Ref=SCALAR(0x32b0398)', 'ARRAY(0x32f9ca0)') called at /home/dlarue/Downloads/3dPrinter/Slic3r/lib/Slic3r/Print.pm line 925
Slic3r::Print::write_gcode('Slic3r::Print=SCALAR(0x31d81d0)', '../junk.gcode') called at /home/dlarue/Downloads/3dPrinter/Slic3r/lib/Slic3r/Print.pm line 395
Slic3r::Print::export_gcode('Slic3r::Print=SCALAR(0x31d81d0)', 'output_file', '../junk.gcode') called at /home/dlarue/Downloads/3dPrinter/Slic3r/lib/Slic3r/Print/Simple.pm line 96
Slic3r::Print::Simple::export_gcode('Slic3r::Print::Simple=HASH(0x30b0e38)') called at ./slic3r.pl line 204

It works in 1.1.7



I get the same error; if needed I can provide the STL model and configuration that caused it.

alexrj commented Sep 23, 2014

Yes please, I need config and STL file to reproduce this

@alexrj alexrj added this to the 1.2.1 milestone Sep 23, 2014

As GitHub does not seem to allow to upload anything but images, I've used my external cloud storage.

Object to print: simply imported and not moved or altered afterwards:

Zip file with 1.2.0 settings on my Linux system which causes the error:

dlarue commented Sep 25, 2014

I have confirmed that Cyberwizzard's file, Beugel_tafel_rorated.stl causes an error exporting GCode with Support enabled and does not throw an error with Support disabled.

Slic3r v1.2.0 as of 19:52 on 2014/09/24 PST

bstott commented Oct 6, 2014

I too found this problem today. I am using the uncompiled version 1.2.0, 2014/09/24

Here is my link to google drive. It contains: an *.stl which causes the error, a screen capture of the error description, the Slic3r combined config *.ini and a section of the gcode output/export from the crash.


Edited to add reference to Issue #2195

atrophy commented Oct 9, 2014

Also having this issue, STL and config .ini is available here: http://fablabwa.org/slic3r_bug.tgz

Slic3r v1.2.0 uncompiled under Ubuntu 14.04 64bit

alexrj commented Oct 14, 2014

Okay, I can reproduce this.

alexrj commented Oct 14, 2014

Fixed, thank you.

@alexrj alexrj closed this Oct 14, 2014
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