Partly wrong extrusion rate for support? 1.2.0-experimental #2269

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Hey @alexrj,

we are extensively testing support with 1.2.0-experimental (64bit, Ubuntu) and found that on many models at least parts of the support gets pretty much overstuffed, resulting in not so brittle but totally strong struts that fuse with the model's parameters where support touches the model's skin.

This doesn't happen on every part and not in every layer, can't figure out when this behaviour occurs actually. Find attached one example GCODE of the popular Makerbot gnome - the model itself comes out perfectly, but the supports are quite a mess and not really "breakaway"-able.


Here are a few quick shots of the supports:
foto 11 09 14 09 37 55
foto 11 09 14 09 37 42
foto 11 09 14 09 37 30
foto 11 09 14 09 37 25

Did you or anyone else ever experience the same?


Here's another example that I just started on one of our machines, this time the support extrusion rate obviously is too low so that the honeycomb support extrusions get pulled:

(sorry for the wrong orientation...)

foto 11 09 14 10 24 52
foto 11 09 14 10 23 53

GCODE (config inside):

There's something fishy about support extrusion rates in 1.2.0-experimental I think ;-) Didn't test with 1.1.7 yet, though...


By the way, the very first layer below support (raft..) looks right, but already the first honeycomb on top of the base layer has too thin extrusion..


So, we did a quick print for comparison with Slic3r 1.1.7-stable and once again with 1.2.0-exp afterwards and it looks like this bug is limited to 1.2.0 only.

Here's our GCODE (once again with included config) for 1.1.7 that printed correctly:

Hope this helps!


Im geting similar issues (i think), as you can see on picture (rectilinear grid support) only the first milimeters of support layers are ok,

when it begins to generate bad support, i see on printer LCD a support layer heigh of 0.4mm instead of 0.25 as normal printing layers ??? (I have set layer height to 0.25).


alexrj commented Oct 14, 2014

@jonaskuehling, thank you! Are you using the default extrusion width for support or are you setting that to some custom value? (I haven't checked your config files yet)

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Thanks @villamany for your confirmation!

@alexrj I used default extrusion width settings (0) for support.
My apologies, the two GCODE links from my latest comments above are broken, looks like I screwed up my Dropbox. But the initial files (GnomeScan) from the very first post above still work.

alexrj commented Nov 7, 2014

I fixed this! Thank you...

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