Infill/Perimeter Overlap Overlapping Too Much (v. 1.2.6) #2632

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The new "Infill/perimeters overlap" function seems to equate a value of 0% as a 50% overlap.

In other words, an overlap setting of 50% will position the infill bead at the exact same spot as the bead from the perimeter. I would consider this a 100% overlap.

Playing around with the new function, I set the overlap to 65% and the preview functions of both Slic3r and Repetier Host showed an overlap of more than 100%, i.e. the infill was starting to show up outboard of the perimeter.
Conversely, an overlap value of -55% shows both the infill and perimeters still kissing each other. Some may be the result of display, calculation or rounding errors. But the two beads are barely touching, so I would consider that an overlap of 0%

I hope I explained this understandably.



Yep can confirm that.
Just printing with 25% overlap and the perimeter is allmost completally printing over the infill!

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alexrj commented Feb 23, 2015

Okay, I changed that.

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epoxi commented Apr 2, 2015

Confirmed on 1.2.7-dev also, but now differs from what @rf1k-mjh11 says:

0% Overlap - No overlap at all
screenshot from 2015-04-02 00 45 07

50% Overlap - Almost there...
screenshot from 2015-04-02 00 47 02

100% Overlap - Touching.
screenshot from 2015-04-02 00 48 32
screenshot from 2015-04-02 00 50 34

_115% Overlap_ - I think its the 15% meant to be default
screenshot from 2015-04-02 00 52 03
screenshot from 2015-04-02 00 52 45

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