1.2.6: Slic3r preview doesn't render skirt and brim #2649

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siberx commented Feb 9, 2015

I'm absolutely loving the new toolpath preview feature - it's a big timesaver when sanity checking generated prints before starting them.

I did notice, however, that brim and skirt do not appear to render in the previewed toolpath:
Preview in question:
First layer of the above print:

I'm using the following Skirt/brim settings:
Loops (minimum): 1
Distance from object: 5mm
Skirt height: 1 layers
Minimum extrusion length: 0mm

Brim width: 2mm

I tested with a taller skirt height thinking it might just be the first layer not showing correctly, but I still see no skirt even with a height of 10 layers. I am making an assumption that the toolpath preview should include these elements, but that makes sense to me considering it's a "toolpath" preview and should thus show the full path of the tool ;)

a4jp-com commented Feb 9, 2015

If possible, I'd like to see both the brim and skirt as well.


My support for this request!

3D preview should render all paths that will effectively be printed, including skirt, brim etc.

alexrj commented Feb 16, 2015

This is definitely in the roadmap... I just have one concern about tall skirts that would hide the object entirely...


Yeah, thought about that the second I hit "comment"... Maybe brim/skirt could be rendered with transparency..

gege2b commented Feb 16, 2015

Or maybe rendered with verry thin lines on layers >= 2 ?

Or only render skirt on the first layer ? (I don't get the need to show the skirt all over its height ?)


Mh, I think every to-be-printed toolpath should be visualised, since otherwise no proper diagnosis is possible if the configured settings have been applied like intended.

gege2b commented Feb 16, 2015

Well, I agree with you for the object, the brim and the support, as all of this is directly connected to the object

My concern was more about visualizing the entire skirt. As @alexrj said, if the skirt is tall, it would hide the object behind

As long as the skirt is never connected the object itself, I think showing only his X first layer(s) should be enough

Render the skirt with transparency could be a solution, but I'm affraid it would make the 3D Preview/Toolpath slower (right now it's not always really reactive)

gege2b commented Feb 16, 2015

Another option could be to add a switch button or a checkbox around the 3D preview/toolpath to show / hide skirt on the fly


Yes, a toggle button would be the most favoured solution for me. Could even be inside the preview window as overlay buttons, think of Cura for example..

(Could think of a "parallel projection" toggle switch in the 3D plater tab as well, and maybe shortcut buttons for top/front/side/bottom view angle - see Repetier Host)


If you are worried about the skirt or brim hiding the model just add a checkbox or sliding switch to hide them. Simple.

alexrj commented May 17, 2015


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