Slicer crashes when the first part in the parts list is deleted [1.2.6] #2774

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I just noticed that Slic3r is always crashing when I delete the first part in my parts list.
As long as I did not add any other part the delete button is grayed out. Adding a second part enables me to delete any of them. Deleting the second one in the list is fine. Deleting the first crashes Slic3r.
Windows 7 x64


alexrj commented May 2, 2015

Can you please provide detailed steps in order to reproduce the issue?

@alexrj alexrj added this to the 1.2.7 milestone May 2, 2015
  • Add a new part to Slic3r (hole.stl)
  • RMB - Settings
  • "Load part..." (add a second part. I my case "support.stl")
    Now I have "hole.stl" and "support.stl" in the list. Now I want to replace the first part in the list by deleting it:
  • Select the first part "hole.stl" - Delete part
    --> Slic3r crashes on my machine

I hope you can reproduce that issue.

alexrj commented May 3, 2015

Okay, thank you. I'm able to reproduce this on Windows only. It looks like an ugly wxWidgets issue.

alexrj commented May 4, 2015

After a long debugging session I was able to find the wxWidgets bug causing this behavior, and I pushed a workaround. The issue is now fixed, and Slic3r does not crash anymore. Thank you @cocoknight for reporting this.

Docs for wxTreeCtrl state that the DeleteChildren method "will not generate any events unlike Delete() method". However, close inspection of the wxWidgets code reveals that DeleteChildren is implemented in MSW as a call to Delete(). So it will generate events, including EVT_TREE_SEL_CHANGED.

@alexrj alexrj closed this May 4, 2015
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