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Feature Request: option for having less contact between object and brim #731

zdar opened this Issue · 6 comments

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zdar Adam Herring Alessandro Ranellucci Frederic Defoy

It would be nice to have "horizontal" support for small parts on base layer.

Small things trend to not stick enough to hot plate and the extruder movement tears them away (cohesion in filament is bigger then they adhesion).

Therefore anchoring them by horizontal bridges (="support") to bigger parts would solve a lot of troubles.

I think the brim feature is specifically intended for this type of issue, it increases first layer area for small footprints and shapes that are prone to lifting. When I don't want to use a brim for all the footprints on a plate, I design the extra footprint area into the design itself and leave the brim feature disabled.

What behavior do you suggest for horizontal support that is different from using a brim?


I would prefer to have two single connecting "wires" to other areas. E.g. extruder would not stop extruding when going in and out of small part at first layer.
It is much easier to just cut wire than to remove brim.

Fair enough. Interesting idea. :)

Adam Herring

It is a neat idea.

How about an option to leave a gap between the brim and the object; while connecting the object to the brim with "wires"

Look here for an example:

Airtripper's Idler has this built into its STL. Neat idea.

I would not kill regular brim though; too useful. How about both ;)

Alessandro Ranellucci

I renamed this one to better match the content

Frederic Defoy

Just my 2 grains of salt, but I allways thought that if support structures could be generated manually, for example in the object preview window in Repetier host, it would be way easier to get good results, rather than having to rely on a software to do it automaticly.

I wish there was an STL (or gcode) editor deticated to support structure creation that would higlight areas that need support and offer tools to place different kinds of supports manually. Even better, if editing gcode, this same tool could allow to do all sorts of crazy things like layer level editing (copy, paste, cut layers) or choosing different infill percent by layer range or selected areas, combine gcode from different files etc... Kind of like what nophead or was it richrap? did by splicing gcode of a tardis with different infil percentage in several areas. There is definitly something interesting that could be done with this... sad that I cant program for $h!t. :(

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