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On this stl file of a single wall cube, the first layer should be a straight line but is rendered as a zig zag in a few places The 2nd layer and up seem ok.

Tested on 0.9.1 and 0.9.3 same results except that in 0.9.3 there is also a gap in the path.

See picture "1st layer 0.9.3 zigzag and gap.jpg"

Everything that should be required is in the zip file (stl, gcode, settings, etc...)


Haven't seen this anywhere else than on the first layer so it isn't urgent but I did more tests and wanted to update the report.

0.9.8, zig zag
0.9.2, zig zag
0.7.1 straight line

So it seems at one point this did slice properly.

I included all the screenshots, gcode, stl and print setting of the new tests in this zip file:


This is a known issue with the current medial axis implementation, related to the discussion in #801, and it's being worked on. Thanks for the detailed, complete reports, and comparison between versions. By the way, it's a bit simpler to just export one combined config file using the File->Export Config option.


Ohh would you look at that! didn't see that feature! :) Thx.

Im just used to type %appdata% :)

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alexrj commented Mar 15, 2014

This object is fixed in boost-medialaxis. I tested this one in another issue lately.

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