Loading amf take ages and slicing it crashed slic3r #829

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wuflnor commented Nov 27, 2012

Hi i wanted to slice amf file generetated by slicer, but i t takes ages to load, and after trying to slice it it crashes [could read memory].
Heres file:

alexrj commented Dec 1, 2012

Can you supply information on Slic3r version and operating system?


wuflnor commented Dec 8, 2012

win xp 32bit
slic3r 0.9.7 and 0.9.5

alexrj commented May 10, 2013

The Windows binary is currently being compiled without expat, and this causes slowness in AMF loading. I'll do my best to fix this in the next builds.

alexrj commented Nov 13, 2013

Hello! I just tested this with current dev version, where lots of work was done in these months to reduce memory usage and speed up things.
I tested on Win7 64bit and I was able to load and slice that file without problems. It wasn't super-fast, but that model has 671k facets which is not that little. Memory usage was about 1.1Gb through the whole process, so no out-of-memory problems and no crash.
AMF importing can be made faster and the preparation of the 3D preview could be faster too. I'll open a separate issue for tracking those.

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