Retraction for Support material needed #831

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(Seperating this one from issue #786)

Retraction for support material is disabled completely at the moment - which can cause a lot of strings in some cases.
What i like about that is the resulting "zig-zag" support (when using rectilinear pattern) which is really easy to remove - you can grab one end an rip off complete zig-zag-walls at once.

So i suggest to add retraction before and after each separate support-island and when "crossing island borders" (as comparable to crossing perimeters when dealing with infill, the math should be there already..?).

Or another solution: Intentionally connect the rectilinear infill pattern into an alternating zig-zag pattern and just re-enable the usual retraction behavior.

noobart commented Dec 4, 2012

I also noticed that retraction is missing for support generation in 0.9.7.

And I also noticed the positive effect it has on stability of the rectilinear support pattern! I was able to print some really complicated things which failed with older versions (tried the same object with the same settings in version 0.9.3 and 0.9.7). The stringing looks awful but I had absolutely no failure in the support generation.

-> So what about a different retraction parameter for support generation? Or something similar to the feature that already exits for infill ("retract only when crossing perimeters" or so...)?


alexrj commented Dec 4, 2012

@noobart, it was removed on purpose.

@simonkuehling, the idea of retracting only when leaving support islands is very nice, I'll play with that. :-)

noobart commented Dec 4, 2012

@alexrj: oops, I didn't notice it was removed on purpose... but I read it now... ;-)

Is Lift-Z also disabled for support generation?


alexrj commented Dec 4, 2012

Lift on retraction does not happen if there's no retraction...

noobart commented Dec 4, 2012

Didn't know that, too...
But you're right of course. If lift-Z if a feature related to retraction there's no lift-Z when there's no retraction.
Didn't see it that way yet.

mclinc commented Dec 14, 2012

Just a +1 on this. The lack of retraction support material is leaving a lot of snot on some prints (try the printable ball bearing on thingiverse).. Retraction between islands would probably fix it for me.


alexrj commented Dec 20, 2012


alexrj closed this Dec 20, 2012

@alexrj alexrj added a commit that referenced this issue Dec 20, 2012

@alexrj alexrj Enable retraction for support material too, but only when moving away…
… from support islands. #831
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