Sailfish flavor Gcode "new style RepG 40": #855

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funbart commented Dec 11, 2012

Shortly, needed Gcode for the Sailfish firmware version with ReplicatorG40 for Toolchange has to be now:

G92 E0 (before toolchange)
M108 T0 (or T1)

There is no need to use the G54 and G55 commands anymore.

When dual multi colored printing Slic3r falls back to G92 E0 for extrude and layer change, also with the Makerbot Gcode firmware chosen. This is no problem for Sailfish, so:

G92 E0 at tool and layer Change is no problem

For good firmware suck and prime there are M101 (start) and M103 (stop) Gcodes necessary for extrusions.

The G92 E0 command has to be before the Toolchange, otherwise the firmware offset isn't working properly

The Tool Change has to be with M108 command, otherwise it's not recognized by the firmware: so
T0 > M108 T0
T1 > M108 T1

Hope it's possible to implement this.

alexrj commented Jan 17, 2013

I implemented this. I have no way for testing things, so please tell me whether there's any other problem.

What about M101 and M103? Should we implement them? If so, where and how? What should they replace?

alexrj commented Jun 3, 2013

Since you didn't give me any more detail on M101 and M103 I implemented them the way I understood they work. M103 is added after retraction, and M101 is added after travel move right before restart.
Let's track this in #1119 if you have more comments about it.

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