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This page lists tasks available for contributors. If you want to help out in Slic3r development, you could choose a task among these that are needed for sure.

See this page for a good and comprehensive page about the coding style I like.

  • Anything in the Pull Request or Bust milestone.

    • Issues in the other milestones (or no milestone) are also available, but post in the issue thread saying you're working on it
  • Wiki documentation.

  • Updates to The Manual

  • An algorithm for Skeletonization of thin polygons. We need this for thin walls and other things. This could be the port of an existing algorithm or an original idea.

  • A hexagonal infill pattern.

  • Perl bindings for the Boost.Geometry library

  • Logic for hollow objects [spiralize]

  • Better support material

  • Dual extruders

  • Auto-plating

  • GUI with preview

  • Calibration wizard