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Script for pushing DL/UL speed to your LaMetric Time
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LM Connection Speed

Python script that displays Down/Upload-Speed using speedtest-cli on your LaMetric Time.


For a more detailed tutorial, have a look at this blog post.

You need to create an indicatior app for your LaMetric time in the developer area. It needs to be a private push app with two text frames. After publishing it, copy the access token and the local push url. Install the app on your device using the LaMetric smartphone app.

Insert access token and local push url into the (look for "ENDPOINT_URL" and "YOUR ACCESS TOKEN").

After that make the file executable (chmod +x and you shoukd be able to start it with


you can also use



  • The script takes a few seconds to finish
  • The results may vary a lot (e.g. sometimes it showed only 5 Mbit/s for downloads, although I know it was 90 Mbit/s at this point) - so don't take those values too serious
  • This script should run with Python 2 and 3 but I only use Python 3, so I won't guarantee anything

#####Dependencies: You need the following Python packages:

  • requests
  • json
  • speedtest-cli
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