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  • Added new patch-cc-agent command which addresses frame rate issues with certain skills (e.g. Blademaster's Whirlwind).
  • Added support for global hot key bindings in the API and via the key command.
  • Added support for reloadable plugins.
  • Huge overhaul of the core APIs and internals.
  • Added console window support in the game process.
  • Added a listener for OutputDebugString() calls in the game process.
  • Added syntax highlighting to the disassemble command.
  • Improved error handling in the evaluate command.
  • Augmentrex will now wait for user input before exiting when an unhandled exception occurs.
  • The game must now be launched by Augmentrex; attaching to a running game is no longer supported.
  • Improved game executable path detection via Steam.