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Remove reference to const.

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1 parent 88b8b1b commit 8d4d01b3dddef3f60ead537291a36c085a24cfd1 @YaoGomez YaoGomez committed Feb 7, 2012
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@@ -54,9 +54,8 @@ int myDfunction(char[] s) {
$(LINK2 $(WEBURL)attribute.html#linkage, linkage attributes),
such as $(D extern (C)).)
- $(LI There are no const or volatile type modifiers in D. To declare
- a C function that uses those type modifiers, just drop those
- keywords from the declaration.)
+ $(LI There is no volatile type modifier in D. To declare a C function that uses
+ volatile, just drop the keyword from the declaration.)
$(LI Strings are not 0 terminated in D. See "Data Type Compatibility"
for more information about this. However, string literals in D are

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