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Commits on Jun 5, 2013
  1. @klickverbot

    Merge pull request #2134 from donc/ctfe10273_icestructinit

    klickverbot committed
    Fix bug 10273: ICE(ctfeexpr.c): using CTFE after error in struct init
  2. @klickverbot

    Merge pull request #2133 from donc/ctfe_internal_fixes

    klickverbot committed
    Two more CTFE internal fixes relating to pointers
  3. @donc
  4. @donc

    CTFE: &global -> SymOffExp

    donc committed
    optimize() changes AddrExp(globalvar) into a SymOffExp.
    But optimize() isn't always called before CTFE, so do it here too.
  5. @donc

    CTFE: Typo in typecheck for casts of AddrExp pointers

    donc committed
    Was checking the pointer type instead of the pointee type.
    Exposed by Test75 in interpret3.d in test suite, when using CTFE to do
    const folding.
  6. @WalterBright

    Merge pull request #2129 from donc/ctfe_JIT_step1

    WalterBright committed
    CTFE JIT compilation, step 1: walk AST, check integrity
  7. @WalterBright

    Merge pull request #2128 from donc/ctfe_unionvector

    WalterBright committed
    CTFE: Allow creation (but not reading) of unions and __vectors
  8. @WalterBright

    Merge pull request #2127 from donc/ctfe_shiftrange

    WalterBright committed
    10252 CTFE: Generate error for shr/ushr/shl out of range
  9. @WalterBright

    Merge pull request #2126 from donc/ctfe_10251pointerglobal

    WalterBright committed
    10251 CTFE returning pointers to global statics of known value
  10. @WalterBright

    Merge pull request #2117 from donc/ctfe_harmonize_errormsg

    WalterBright committed
    Make CTFE error messages same as for const-folding
  11. @WalterBright

    Merge pull request #2119 from rainers/vs_codegen_bug

    WalterBright committed
    workaround for VS2010/VS2012 codegen bug
Commits on Jun 4, 2013
  1. @WalterBright

    Merge pull request #2132 from andralex/make-dash-jay

    WalterBright committed
    Fix issue 10270
  2. @andralex

    Fix issue 10270

    andralex committed
  3. @donc

    CTFE sanity check: verify no ErrorExps in AST

    donc committed
    Before starting CTFE, we confirm that the AST is valid.
  4. @donc

    CTFE compile: Count total variable declarations

    donc committed
    First step towards CTFE compilation. Walk over all
    expressions in the function, searching for VarDeclarations and
    checking the validity of the AST.
Commits on Jun 3, 2013
  1. @donc

    CTFE: Allow VectorExp as a no-op

    donc committed
  2. @donc

    CTFE: Allow creation (but not reading) of unions

    donc committed
    It's currently possible to create unions in global scope but not in CTFE.
    We can't support reading or writing members, but creation is OK.
  3. @donc

    Fix bug 10252 CTFE: Generate error for shr/ushr/shl out of range

    donc committed
    Use same behaviour as for const-folding.
  4. @donc

    Fix bug 10251 CTFE: Allow returning pointers to global statics of kno…

    donc committed
    …wn value
    Don't expand pointers to global variables.
    They should stay as a SymOffExp, even if their value is known.
  5. @yebblies

    Merge pull request #2096 from braddr/install

    yebblies committed
    draft install target
  6. @donc

    CTFE: Improve error message for static assert

    donc committed
    by running optimize(0) first.
    Currently static assert uses optimize(WANTinterpret) for const folding. This has
    the side-effect of simplifying the expression before evaluating it, which makes
    error messages nicer. If we simply change to using CTFE instead, the error
    messages won't get simplified. So insert a call to optimize(0) before running CTFE.
  7. @donc

    Improve const-folding error msg for static variables

    donc committed
    The error message for an attempt to read a runtime variable
    from optimize(WANTinterpret) is less informative than the CTFE one.
    Improve the optimize() version, so that the test suite is ready for
    the change to using CTFE throughout.
Commits on Jun 2, 2013
  1. @braddr

    first pass of install targets

    braddr committed
  2. @andralex

    Merge pull request #2122 from 9rnsr/fix_test

    andralex committed
    fix code for stripping "DMD 2.0xx DEBUG" output
  3. @9rnsr
  4. @9rnsr

    Merge pull request #2120 from WalterBright/add_irstate_h

    9rnsr committed
    irstate.h is missing from win32.mak
  5. @WalterBright
  6. @rainers

    code styling

    rainers committed
Commits on Jun 1, 2013
  1. @WalterBright

    Merge pull request #2101 from 9rnsr/fix10212

    WalterBright committed
    [REG2.061] Issue 10212 - Segfault in mismatching delegate literal types
  2. @9rnsr

    Merge pull request #2090 from hpohl/10186

    9rnsr committed
    fix issue 10186
  3. @hpohl

    fix issue 10186

    hpohl committed
  4. @WalterBright

    Merge pull request #2118 from ibuclaw/fix2007

    WalterBright committed
    Fix pull request #2007
  5. @9rnsr

    Start dmd2.064 development

    9rnsr committed
  6. @rainers
  7. @klickverbot

    Merge pull request #2092 from Uhlisys/master

    klickverbot committed
    Correct DMD C++11 Narrowing Violation
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