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* purpose

	This tool is to generate globalization information from Unicode CLDR, with some changes
	to fill the gap between .NET(Windows)-ism and the global standard.

* input resources

	There is only an external resource: unicode CLDR. It can be downloaded from

	CLDR specificatin can be found at

	All content has to me extracted into CLDR folder. The latest version used is 21.

	There is an extra mono resource included in this directory called lcids.xml for LCIDs. It's
	extracted from National Language Support (NLS) API Reference.

* generated file

	culture-info-table.h contains the following sections:

	- datetime_format_entries
	  See DateTimeFormatEntry.AppendTableRow() in DateTimeFormatEntry.cs.
	- number_format_entries
	  See NumberFormatEntry.AppendTableRow() in NumberFormatEntry.cs.
	- culture_entries
	  See CultureInfoEntry.AppendTableRow() in CultureInfoEntry.cs.
	- culture_name_entries
	  See Driver.Run() in Driver.cs.
	- region_entries
	  See RegionInfoEntry.AppendTableRow() in RegionInfoEntry.cs.
	- region_name_entries
	  See Driver.Run() in Driver.cs.
	- locale_strings
	  See Driver.Run() in Driver.cs.

	In each entry, strings are extracted to locale_strings table, and in each structure they are
	represented as an index to the string.

* updating the data

	Update to get the latest CLDR data. However, CLDR is not complete and
	it's missing data for many rarely used cultures. In such cases we provide empty value
	but when someone has the knowleadge what the values should be it's recommended to
	use online CLDR tool to fill the data gap.

	To create the files used by the runtime after an update, run:
		make culture-table
		make install-culture-table

	At the start of there are additional instructions for specific builds.

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