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A terminal-centric replacement for System.Console.
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System.Terminal is a terminal-centric replacement for System.Console.

With the Windows console host now supporting VT100 sequences, it makes little sense for console interaction to still be centered around the old Windows console host and the many limitations it had. System.Terminal provides an API centered around a full-featured VT100 terminal and works on all platforms that .NET Core supports.

Please note that intermixing usage of System.Terminal and System.Console is not guaranteed to work, even if certain usage patterns of that sort happen to do so currently. An application using System.Terminal should avoid System.Console entirely to ensure that it will work correctly with all future releases of System.Terminal.


To install the core package, run dotnet add package Terminal. If you are developing an application that uses the .NET Generic Host (with e.g. ASP.NET Core or Orleans), you can instead install the extensions package by running dotnet add package Terminal.Extensions.

See the sample program for examples of what the API can do.


These are useful resources used in the development of System.Terminal:


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